February 28, 2006

Micky Dees serves up better coffee

I've always hated McDonald's Coffee. It is awful, bitter, and over extracted. When I have to drive in the morning and am hungry, I will get my sandwich at McDonald's and my coffee somewhere else. I guess they are sick of people like me doing that, and they are responding

OAK BROOK, Ill. — A cup of coffee at McDonald's is about to get stronger _ and more expensive.

The fast-food chain plans to offer premium roast coffee in all 13,700 of its U.S. restaurants next week, hoping to provide an extra boost to breakfast sales as well as caffeine-loving customers.

Some of its outlets already have the new coffee available and the full nationwide rollout is set for Monday, McDonald's Corp. spokesman Bill Whitman said Tuesday.

We'll see. It won't replace my Doubleshot Cofee I drink religiously.

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Podcast 14

Hey 'Yall, Podcast 14 is up. Give it a listen please. I think know you'll enjoy it.

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Happy Fastnacht Day!!

doughnut.jpg Happy Fastnacht day!! In case you don't know, fastnacht day, also known as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, or Shrove Tuesday, is a day where you eat yummy fattening donuts before giving up such food for lent.

In many parts of the world the period before Lent is a time for partying before a period of fasting and self-reflection.  The Germans celebrate Fasching, Fasnacht or Karneval and the French have Mardi Gras.  The translation of "Fastnacht" is "Eve of the Fast."  The Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish celebrate only a single day--Fastnacht Day.  The main tradition is the eating of fastnachts, which are unleavened, deep-fried doughnuts, usually made with a potatoe batter and is a way of using up the lard and before lent.

I know that this is really a regional thing, even on the state level. Eastern Pennsylvania is full of people of Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch background.

When I lived out near Pittsburgh I decided to go buy some Fastnachts on Fastnacht day, only to be looked at as if I had two heads. Apparently those soft coal stompers out there don't know what a Fastnacht is.

Anyways. Even if you can't find real Fastnacht, go out and buy a donut and eat it, and know that eating donuts on the day before Ash Wednesday is a Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish tradition, and a tasty way to bring in the Lenten season.

For a recipe, try This site

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February 27, 2006

Guns and Homosexuals

Kim Du Toit makes a good point. As a person licensed to carry a firear in my home state of Pennsylvania, I am still forbidden to carry it in New Jersey. In other words New Jersey won't accept the fact that Pennsylvania trusts me enough to carry my Glock, and considers that law null-and-void in Jersey.

But if New Jersey passed a law giving homosexuals a right to marry, they would be pissed if we didn't recognize THEIR laws.

Seems like a double standard?

You bet.

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Think of the Children

Where I live, everyone says, "Oh my God, the school district you live in sucks". Well, I only hear this from people who send their children to Catholic schools, or work for other districts, so I decided to research it myself. What I found was interesting.

There is a site called Great Schools dot Net that allows you to compare different schools, or even where YOU went to school, to see how bad or good it is.

What I found is that my school district is pretty good, not the greatest, but above average and offers a decent education.

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Media love fake hardline Presidents

As Sarah points out the Media love hard nosed and tough Presidents when it comes to movies. The Presidents in Independence Day and especially Air Force One are hard nosed tough leaders. That was the 90s.

Now we actually have a President just like that, and they scoff at him.

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February 24, 2006

Reason Magazine

I recently discovered a great magazine. It's Reason Magazine. As a conservative who is unhappy with the socially restrictive values of the Republican party, I was looking for something along Libertarian lines, but I didn't want to go as far as Bill Mahr's brand of Libertarianism. Reason Magazine fits that bill.

Reason Magazine is a publication of the Reason Foundationa Libertarian Think-Tank.

If you are libertrian leaning, please give them both a look, they have many well-written and thought-out articles on numerous topics.

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February 23, 2006

Well well, isn't this interesting.

President George Bush, who claimed to know have any clue about the Dubai deal, recently nominated a top Dubai Ports World executive, Dave Sanborn, to serve as Maritime Administrator a key transportation appointment reporting directly to Norman Mineta the Secretary of Transportation and Cabinet Member.

Is there some Quid Pro Quo going on here?

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February 22, 2006

The Veto threat bothered me.

The reason why the ports deal bothered me is the President's "Trust me attitude". He also said "trust me" during the Harriet Miers nomination fiasco, and we know how that turned out.

Then the same intelligence agencies that were 100% positive gung ho there were weapons in Iraq are also sure of the sancity of this company. I'm sorry, but my rose colored glasses are lost

All I wanted was for the Legislature to take a second look. And that's what they wanted. They wanted 45 days to take a second look. If, after 45 days all was vetted, I'm sure I would be for the deal.

But then President Bush said that he would veto any plans to delay or stop the port deal. This from the man who never used his veto stamp, not during runaway spending, or even when the stupid campaign finance law was passed, and he wants to veto this?

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February 21, 2006

Bush has lost my support

What Bush has recently said has made me second guess my support for the man. He has stated that he will VETO any legislation that would block an United Arab Emerites owned company from taking over control of American ports.

I just don't think we should trust them. Any Arab owned company gives me pause. These people are often fanatical in their support of Islam. Based on the preaching of Islamic Mullahs and Clerics they are threatening to kill the cartoonists who simply drew cartoons of their prophet. These same people will be controlling our ports.

While the security will be controlled by the Coast Guard, I find it hard to believe that this company will have no inside security knowledge of the ports they control. Simply put. If you own a parking garage, and some other company controls security, you mean to tell me you will have no knowledge of their practices?

I agree with Michelle Malkin. He won't veto campaign finance reform or immense pork, but he'll do this. This makes no sense. Lawmakers should call his bluff. If he vetos it. Override it.

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Take a Hike

I've always liked hiking. When I lived in Carlisle our house was literally right on the Appalachain Trail. It was only 20 yards away from our property line, and on cool summer evenings I would walk through the woods and do a short loop on the Trail, and the two roads it ran in between.

On warm and sunny Saturdays I would fill up several quart containers with water, pack some sandwiches, crackers and bananas, and go for a long walk. The nearby town of Boiling Springs housed the Mid-Atlantic Appalachain trail conference. It was a place where weary through hikers (thouse who walk the whole trail from Maine to Georgia or vice versa) could stop, pick up mail, get some water, food, shelter, and meet other hikers.

Boiling Springs was about 6 miles away, and in the 2 hour walk there I would marvel at the quiet and beautiful atmosphere of the trail. The dark cool grove of Hemlock, the cool water of a babbling brook, and the long spans where you would forget that anyone else existed on the planet.

Occasionally you would come across other day hikers like myself, but most of the time you would pass the through hikers. They were easily identifable by the heavy bags on their back, and their appearance of having not shaved or bathed in days. Plus they were quieter, even if they were in groups. The usual day hiker was a mother with her children, and you would hear them miles away.

I would arrive at the Trail-Conference and sit for a while and listen to the through hikers' stories of quiet nights on the trail, sipping my water and resting my feet for the 6 miles home.

I always missed those days, and wanted to go for a hike. I think when the weather breaks, I'll dig out my walking stick and boots. I'll pack a sandwich and visit places I've never been that are only a few miles from my house.

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February 20, 2006

Muhammed Cartoons

With all the Muslim riots in the Middle East, and the furvor over these cartoons, I thought I'd post an example, just so you know what the hub bub is about. Especially most of the mainstream media won't.


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President's Day Trivia

Want to know about some of our past Presidents? Then look no further.

20 things you probably never knew about some of our Presidents

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I guess he is Uncle Tom

Bryant Gumble on his "Real Sports with Bryant Gumble" said that the Winter Olympics look like a "GOP convention" because everyone was white, obviously was watching something else instead of seeing Shani Davis' inspiring gold medal performance

Sure there are few black skaters or skiers, but how many Norweigans do you see running sprints?

Update: I guess bobsled isn't a sport either

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February 18, 2006

Podcast 12 is up!!

Podcast 12 is up. Listen to it here



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February 17, 2006

Stupid Hippy Tricks

A piece of advice for soon-to-be gold medalists. Do not hotdog.

An Olympic celebration turned into a mountain-sized embarrassment for Lindsey Jacobellis. Coasting to what should have been an easy victory, the American made a hot-dog grab of her board on the second-to-last jump. It caused her to fall and while she scrambled to her feet, Switzerland's Tanja Frieden sped past and became the first champion in the strange and wild sport of Olympic women's snowboardcross Friday.

Stupid hippy.

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Why do movies suck?

Why do movies suck? There is really nothing out right now worth seeing. I was thinking of going out with my wife tonight for dinner and a movie. Trouble is, there are no movies worth seeing. They all suck.

Let's see what's playing, and determine if anything is worth spending 7.50 a ticket on. The numbers to the left are the Tomatometer Reading

21% Pink Panther
42% Final Destination 3
71% Curious George
18% Firewall
10% When a Stranger Calls

77% Eight Below
21% Freedomland
20% Date Movie
62% Night Watch
47% Battle in Heaven

I think I'll just stay home and get a pay per view.

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February 15, 2006

Liberals really do hate this country

Liberals really do hate America. If you don't know what I mean, then read this blog entry and subsequent comments.

Basicially the writer of the blog and the posters to the entry imply that Cheney was intoxicated during the shooting, and should be arrested for negligence.

When one poster pointed out the dems and their connections to Ted Kennedy, and the fact that he WAS drunk and he KILLED a woman, this story is a non-issue, the liberals attacked him with anger saying "2 Days.
That's how long it took for the Republicans to turn this into a Kennedy/Clinton/Carter issue."

It's like if someone calls you a name, and then three days later you call them out, and they complain that you are picking on them.

These liberals are on the wrong side of history. History will show them as hateful, arrogant, and spiteful punks. Just like the detractors of Ronald Reagan were shown by history to be ignorant, this bunch of American haters will be shown to be nothing more than sympathizers with terrorists.

Hunting is dangerous, and things happen. I know several people who were injured in accidents, one guy had his fingers blown off by buck shot. I've even scratched my cornea on a shell that was ejected from a gun.

One time when I was trap shooting, it was my turn to shoot, and a fellow shooter thought I was done and walked in my line of sight, if I was tracking a clay at the time, I might of shot him. I have seen nothing to believe that this was anything more than an accident.

And as far as waiting 24 hours, I think Mr. Cheney probably should have come out sooner, but I would think that at the moment of the accidnet he stopped thinking as the VP and started to think as a man who hurt his friend, wanting to make sure his friend was all-right and wishing to err on the side of privacy.

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February 14, 2006

Happy VD!!

Helo everyone, I hope everyone has a good valentine's day. I got my wife flowers and some stuff form Mary Kay. I am also preparing a nice homemade dinner as we speak. It will be roast chicken with roasted poratoes and rosemary with lemon.

What did your significant other do for you?

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February 12, 2006

Frackville Elks and the Jackboots

I expand upon this story in my latest podcast.

As a libertarian minded conservative, I was angered recently when the Pennsylvania State Police and the Liquor Control Board raided the local Elks club and seized money and video poker machines. Many people where I live are livid about the raid, and blame the State Police and Liquor Control for their fascist tactics.

The Elks are popular in this town of about 4,200 that's still struggling to recover from the decline of the coal industry. The lodge sponsors a Little League baseball team, summertime movies in the borough park and a fishing tournament for kids. To many Frackville residents, the raid was politically motivated or was another example of how the downtrodden region gets no respect.

"It would be different if they were selling dope or prostitutes or if the football pool was $100,000 a block," said Bender, who is not a member of the Elks. "It's a shame. The state police and LCB don't realize what the Elks do for the veterans and the kids."

I agree that the cops overstepped their bounds. The Elks does more for the communities they serve in one weekend than any State Police barracks does in a year.

What was more underhanded was several months ago, a woman joined the Elks and Elks Auxillery. Turned out she was an under cover State Police woman. I would have asusmed that the presence of an adams apple should have clued them in she wasn't a normal woman. But she joined, and even the day of the raid was serving breakfast at their monthly breakfast fundraiser.

I find it ironic that the government wants us to gamble. The Agitator points out connections to Tony Soprano. If a mafia tries to break-up a rival gambling ring, it's a crime and bad, but if the State Police do it, it's just to "protect us". I say there is no difference. The gambling at the Elks was cutting into the profits of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Here in Pennsylvania the Lottery recently started pulling two sets of numbers, and our legislature recently approved slot machines at racetracks and casinos. See the connection? The money from the legal lottery and slots will go into the pockets of the government to waste on what not.

But try to have a sports pool to help pay for heating oil or for kids with cancer, and the State wants to come in and stop it.

Those police should be ashamed.

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February 08, 2006

My fight with a Christian Conservative

In a discussion group we were talking about people we don't like. We started discussing Jimmy Carter, who attacked President Bush at Corretta Scott King's funeral yesterday. Despite what he does good for Habitat for Humanity, his other actions in life make him a creep.

I start the "discussion"

I think Robertson is worse. Many people blindly follow his missions, and folks like Sean Hannity practically worship the guy.

I got into a heated discussion with a religious zealout over my attack on the hateful Pat Robertson.

She said

Ya know people can turn the channel .... his son like other preachers are taking over...give him a break

I said in retort, starting to point out her flip flopping on the issue.

If someone like Jessie Jackson or Ray Nagin said something similar, you would be all up and down him. You wouldn't cut him a break. He's a hateful religious zealout, and why I don't listen to or watch Hannity anymore, because he obviously worships the ground he walks on.

I was right, she has attacked those people before. What she says next is the height of hypocracy.

I am not going to debate you on this...i just think you need to leave him alone....He has Operation Blessings and helped sooooo many people in Mississippi and all those other areas after Katrina. They feed alot of people in this country.....can it now.

Typical of religious zealouts, she tells me to shut up. God forbid I discuss something logically and with reason. Especially if I bad mouth her deity of choice. If SHE were born with a turbin on her head, I'm sure she'd be one of the people rioting over those Allah cartoons.

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February 07, 2006

Wellstone moments

Watching the funeral of Mrs. King, I find it utterly repulsive that many of the liberal speakers will use it as a chance to attack President George W. Bush. From Jimmy Carter illuding to "illegal wiretaps" to some minister talking about "knowing there were no weapons of mass distruction". It is utterly repulsive. This group of Liberal Democrats are totally reprehensable, and disgusting human beings.

Jimmy Carter needs to be put in a home, where he can shuck peanuts and babble to himself.

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Get your parkas out

A Russian scientist is predicting that in the middle of the 21st century we will experience a mini ice age, due to low solar output, and that "gloabal warming".

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Feb. 7 (UPI) -- A Russian astronomer has predicted that Earth will experience a "mini Ice Age" in the middle of this century, caused by low solar activity.

Khabibullo Abdusamatov of the Pulkovo Astronomic Observatory in St. Petersburg said Monday that temperatures will begin falling six or seven years from now, when global warming caused by increased solar activity in the 20th century reaches its peak, RIA Novosti reported.

The coldest period will occur 15 to 20 years after a major solar output decline between 2035 and 2045, Abdusamatov said.

Dramatic changes in the earth's surface temperatures are an ordinary phenomenon, not an anomaly, he said, and result from variations in the sun's energy output and ultraviolet radiation.

The Northern Hemisphere's most recent cool-down period occurred between 1645 and 1705. The resulting period, known as the Little Ice Age, left canals in the Netherlands frozen solid and forced people in Greenland to abandon their houses to glaciers, the scientist said.

I like how he said global warming was natural. Well, duh! Another scientist that says "Global Warming" caused by man was a hoax.

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Like Them Apples!!

For all the Islamofascists out there concerned with the Danish cartoons, I wanted to clarify MY position.


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February 06, 2006

Superbowl: The Ads

Part of the Superbowl is watching the advertisements. Overal, none were very memorable. You can see them all here

I liked the Ameriquest one about not judging. Where the two docs killed the fly with the defribulator, holding it over the man's bed. When the family came in the one said, "That killed him". Haha.

I generally hate all Pepsi commercials. They suck, and promote the gangsta hip hop lifestyle. Plus the song with the artist (calling him an artist is generous) formerly known as Puffy was overly annoying.

And the one where Diet Coke was the stunt double for Diet Pepsi showed me that Diet Pepsi is a pussy and can't take a beating. Diet Coke is tough and can be a stunt man or do it's own stunts.

I liked the Budweiser ad with the baby horse pulling the wagon. That was cute.

Generaly none of those ads made me want to go out and buy the products. I don't drink Pepsi, Budweiser, nor do I intend to use that 5 blade razor. I think I may just boycott shaving all together because these razors are getting to the point that you need a license to use them, plus you'll need a second mortgage from Ameriquest to pay for the refills.

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Podcast 8

Podcast 8 is up. Yes, this blog is becoming the Podcast show.

I was happy with yesterday's superbowl victory. Though not really a Steelers fan, I root for the PA team, and my wife is a huge Steelers fan, so go them.

I found this story interesting. We are all getting the cloth pulled over our eyes in regards to Islam. It is portrayed as a loving, caring religion, and peaceful to boot. But draw a picture of their beloved prophet Muhammed, and they'll start blowing shit up. Or they'll just resort to their old standby. Threatening Jews.


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February 03, 2006

Superbowl Podcast

Podcast 7 is up right now. Superbowl prediction, pasta makers, and my brother.

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Who cares what they think?

America isn't viewed as a positive influence in the world by many other countries.

Iran is the country most widely viewed as having a negative influence in the world, with the US in second place, a new poll for the BBC suggests. The survey for the BBC World Service asked how 39,435 people in 33 nations across the globe saw various countries.

Views of China, Russia and France have declined in comparison to a similar survey at the end of 2004.

Japan is most widely seen to have a positive influence. Europe has the most positive scores of all in the poll.

Who gives a fuck what Europe says. Who gives billions for AIDS in Africa, Tsunami releif and more. America. Not only from the hands of our Government, but also through Americans themselves giving of their hearts and pocketbooks.

My philosophy is, if they think we are so bad, fuck em. I hope another Tsunami whipes out parts of Europe, and I will give not one red cent to them. Let them get thier money from France.

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