February 06, 2006

Superbowl: The Ads

Part of the Superbowl is watching the advertisements. Overal, none were very memorable. You can see them all here

I liked the Ameriquest one about not judging. Where the two docs killed the fly with the defribulator, holding it over the man's bed. When the family came in the one said, "That killed him". Haha.

I generally hate all Pepsi commercials. They suck, and promote the gangsta hip hop lifestyle. Plus the song with the artist (calling him an artist is generous) formerly known as Puffy was overly annoying.

And the one where Diet Coke was the stunt double for Diet Pepsi showed me that Diet Pepsi is a pussy and can't take a beating. Diet Coke is tough and can be a stunt man or do it's own stunts.

I liked the Budweiser ad with the baby horse pulling the wagon. That was cute.

Generaly none of those ads made me want to go out and buy the products. I don't drink Pepsi, Budweiser, nor do I intend to use that 5 blade razor. I think I may just boycott shaving all together because these razors are getting to the point that you need a license to use them, plus you'll need a second mortgage from Ameriquest to pay for the refills.

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