February 21, 2006

Bush has lost my support

What Bush has recently said has made me second guess my support for the man. He has stated that he will VETO any legislation that would block an United Arab Emerites owned company from taking over control of American ports.

I just don't think we should trust them. Any Arab owned company gives me pause. These people are often fanatical in their support of Islam. Based on the preaching of Islamic Mullahs and Clerics they are threatening to kill the cartoonists who simply drew cartoons of their prophet. These same people will be controlling our ports.

While the security will be controlled by the Coast Guard, I find it hard to believe that this company will have no inside security knowledge of the ports they control. Simply put. If you own a parking garage, and some other company controls security, you mean to tell me you will have no knowledge of their practices?

I agree with Michelle Malkin. He won't veto campaign finance reform or immense pork, but he'll do this. This makes no sense. Lawmakers should call his bluff. If he vetos it. Override it.

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