February 22, 2006

The Veto threat bothered me.

The reason why the ports deal bothered me is the President's "Trust me attitude". He also said "trust me" during the Harriet Miers nomination fiasco, and we know how that turned out.

Then the same intelligence agencies that were 100% positive gung ho there were weapons in Iraq are also sure of the sancity of this company. I'm sorry, but my rose colored glasses are lost

All I wanted was for the Legislature to take a second look. And that's what they wanted. They wanted 45 days to take a second look. If, after 45 days all was vetted, I'm sure I would be for the deal.

But then President Bush said that he would veto any plans to delay or stop the port deal. This from the man who never used his veto stamp, not during runaway spending, or even when the stupid campaign finance law was passed, and he wants to veto this?

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