February 08, 2006

My fight with a Christian Conservative

In a discussion group we were talking about people we don't like. We started discussing Jimmy Carter, who attacked President Bush at Corretta Scott King's funeral yesterday. Despite what he does good for Habitat for Humanity, his other actions in life make him a creep.

I start the "discussion"

I think Robertson is worse. Many people blindly follow his missions, and folks like Sean Hannity practically worship the guy.

I got into a heated discussion with a religious zealout over my attack on the hateful Pat Robertson.

She said

Ya know people can turn the channel .... his son like other preachers are taking over...give him a break

I said in retort, starting to point out her flip flopping on the issue.

If someone like Jessie Jackson or Ray Nagin said something similar, you would be all up and down him. You wouldn't cut him a break. He's a hateful religious zealout, and why I don't listen to or watch Hannity anymore, because he obviously worships the ground he walks on.

I was right, she has attacked those people before. What she says next is the height of hypocracy.

I am not going to debate you on this...i just think you need to leave him alone....He has Operation Blessings and helped sooooo many people in Mississippi and all those other areas after Katrina. They feed alot of people in this country.....can it now.

Typical of religious zealouts, she tells me to shut up. God forbid I discuss something logically and with reason. Especially if I bad mouth her deity of choice. If SHE were born with a turbin on her head, I'm sure she'd be one of the people rioting over those Allah cartoons.

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Indubitably Age O.R., leave the sheep alone. ;)

Posted by: Wickwire at February 9, 2006 05:34 PM

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