January 31, 2006

Podcast 6

Podcast number 6 is up right now. In this one I talk about getting a present for my wife and talk about a guy name Guy.

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January 30, 2006

iWeb Sucks: Redux

Someone asked me to elaborate on why iWeb sucks.

Can you elaborate? iWeb is simple and it gets the job done...and it has some amazing growth potential for the future.

What's so bad about it?

Yes. It is worthless for anyone who has any HTML experience, existing web-sites that they want to edit, or podcasts they already have published and now want to publish through iWeb. They HTML that it codes is cumbersome, too large, and not standards compliant. NO HTML editor, cannot edit exisitng HTML documents or RSS feeds. Too reliant on .mac templates and publishing to .mac. Very difficult to publish elsewhere.

The also touted it on their web-site as a powerful web publishing tool.

iWeb, a new web-publishing application in iLife, makes it remarkably easy to create and publish websites including photo pages, movies, blogs, podcasts, and video podcasts.

Basically it is a software for people who are totally clueless about computers and the internet, but want to post pictures of the large fish they caught while on vacation. I was hoping for, based on how Apple promoted the product, something like the HTML editor in Mozilla or even similar to MS Frontpage.

Though the rest of the programs in iLife are great, though I don't use iDVD or iMovie, the podcasting improvements in Garageband are excellent.

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January 28, 2006

iWeb is a piece of shit

I got iLife 06 because I've been getting into podcasting more, and been doing some basic web page designing on the side. I wanted something easier than Mozilla. I ordered iLife 06 mostly because of how iWeb (a program included in iLife) was promoted. A powerful web design tool for podcasting and designing blogs.

Well, it sucks, and is perhaps the worst piece of software since Microsoft Bob. I'm not the only one.

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January 27, 2006

Friday Podcast

My podcast for Friday is up.

In this podcast I discuss my nightmares, scary mummies, and a retarded dog.

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January 26, 2006

I'm Kip

You are Kip Dynamite and you love technology.

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?

Also, play phone pranks with this flippin sweet sound board

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A yeast infection

I had the opportunity while driving to my dart league game to listen to Adam Curry's podshow on Sirius Satellite radio. This particular episode featured Madge Weinstein's Yeast Radio. It was a rant by some particularly angry person against George Bush. Filled with childish name calling, it featured the hot off the presses Democratic Party Talking points.

From "4.9% unemployment isn't really good unless it's a Democrat in the office" to the lack of basic economics. This one is a good podcast to listen to if you want to hear an unhinged liberal.

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January 25, 2006

Sweet, a gift certificate!

I got my first gift certificate for being an Amazon Associate. Thanks for clicking through my site to Amazon to buy stuff.

Remember, click on one of the two Amazon links on my site to give a flippin cool reward!!

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Love Monkey, the Funky Monkey

Last night I saw Love Monkey on CBS. It features the guy from Ed. It is about a guy named Tom who works for an Indy record label, and the trials and tribulations in life. It is really good, quirky, funny, and different. I highly recommend this show based on what I saw last night.

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January 24, 2006

Deism for Dummies

Someone asked me what Deism means, as it pertains to my tagline in my blog.

Deism defined is this: One who believes in the existence of a God or supreme being but denies revealed religion, basing his belief on the light of nature and reason.

I believe in one God, creator of us all, but at that, we cannot possibly learn anything from God from a book written by someone else, claiming to speak for God. Deists like myself prefer to interact with God on a personal level, allowing our reason and witnessing of the great world around of as proof that God exists.

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January 23, 2006

Stuck in Cell Phone Prison

I also podcast about this too

I hate Cell phones. I hate Cell Phone Companies. I've had Nextel for 4 years now, and used to love their service. But cell phones companies are like girls at a titty bar. They'll do anything to get you in their door, take your money, and once you're caught and stuck, they don't give a shit about you.

As I said, I loved Nextel. They gave me a nice phone to get my business, but signed me up to a contract. Now, they came up with new service plans. I pay 49.99 a month for service.

They now have a new plan that is 39.99 and offers the same thing I have now, and has an additional 100 minutes!! It's basically the same, just has a different name. I called to change to that new plan, but they said only if I signed up to another one year contract. As it is now I am paying close to $70 a month (including taxes for my phone ). The cancellation fee is $200. So if I cancel, and don't get another phone, it will only be three months and I'll break even.

I think I'm gonna do it. I'm sick of even having these cellular monstroceties.

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American Auto Makers face huge problems

GM has been under the microscope lately for it's lack of making money, but Ford is next under the lens, and they are set to cut thousands of jobs

The automaker has been hurt by falling sales of its profitable sport utility vehicles, growing health care and materials costs, and labor contracts that have limited its ability to close plants and cut jobs. The United Auto Workers union will have to agree to some of the changes Ford wants to make.

The problem with American automakers is that their cars suck. They are boring. Though well made, they still trail Japanese automakers in quality. Part of the problem is that they don't make what the consumer wants. Take for instance these new retro muscle cars like the Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger, and whatever that one that Chevy makes. Great styling, 300 some odd horsepower, and you can't even get it in a stick shift!!

And just try to work on an American car. My wife's old Chevy was a nightmare to change the turn signals.

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Friends Returning to Television

It looks like the TV show Friends is set to return to television. Since Friends left NBC, there has been no huge television comedy, leaving a void after years which included shows like Cheers, Seinfeld, Fraser, and Friends.

Hit television show Friends is returning to TV after each of its six stars have agreed to star in four one-hour specials.

According to hollywood.com, actors Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry have agreed to a $5 million apiece deal with NBC. The writers have already started working on the script, which will go on air next year. Aniston was the last to agree to the deal.

An insider says: "She is the one who had been holding out. But she is now agreed to reprise Rachel (Green). Bringing them back is a dream come true. Ratings will go through the roof."

It goes to show that Hollywood is out of ideas.

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January 22, 2006

Steelers Win the AFC Championship

And they are goin to the Superbowl

Thanks to my bro for pointing out that I spelled Steelers wrong.

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Off the Books Restaurants

A new trend is developing. It is unliscensed and off-the-books restaurants

Four diners gave up their reservations at the venerable Chez Panisse on a recent Monday night to sit on the floor in a dimly lit house in Rockridge and bump knees with strangers. A cook from Chez Panisse was there, as was the executive chef of San Francisco's Mecca.

They were at Ghetto Gourmet -- one of the hottest restaurants in the Bay Area that you have never heard of. And that's by design.

Ghetto Gourmet isn't listed in the phone book. Nor will you find it by cruising Rockridge's restaurant row on College Avenue in Oakland. Ghetto Gourmet has no sign. It has no wine list. It doesn't even have chairs.

What this unlicensed, underground restaurant does have is a pit bull named Shinobi, a cramped kitchen with appliances in various states of disrepair and a gregarious host named Jeremy Townsend who, in his untucked shirt and jeans, will dance with his guests, jam on his harmonica and invite patrons for a post-dessert nightcap at a nearby bar.

Townsend is not alone in looking for new ways to captivate a public who, having made Zagat a household name, are finding its food savvy turn into ennui.

Culinary speakeasies like Ghetto Gourmet are popping up in cities in the Bay Area and beyond, across the country and around the world.

Part of the thrill, of course, is the hipness factor, the ego-inflating I-know-something-or-somebody-you-don't-know feeling that comes with being on a VIP list. But underground diners also can find surprisingly good food at bargain-basement prices.

It's the free market at work. The government has instituted many overzealous (though some common sense) regulations, fees, and taxes that preclude many from ever opening a restaurant. This is just the obvious answer to this. It's no different than someone having a small "off the books" business on the side.

People have been eating at taverns and restaurants for thousands of years before regulations, and the human race is still thriving. This will be no different.

And if the government has a problem with it, I don't really think it's about their concern about health. More of those sorts of hand-wringing pleas for regulations to protect us are just masks to institute new and more expensive regulations that cost many business owners and make it less likely that someone will become a new business owner.

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January 21, 2006

Another Podcast

I have my final test Podcast up, well since it's not a test anymore, consider this one the real thing. Hopefully I will do one on a weekly or so basis.

Podcast Broadcast 2

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January 20, 2006

XML Feed for Podcasting

I figured out how to set up an XML feed for my podcast.
I used Podifier 2.1. It's mac or windows compatible.

You can subscribe to my feed http://homepage.mac.com/psugrad98/podcast/podcast.xml

Also, if you use iTunes, you can view my iTunes web-site at < ahref="http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=119111437&s=143441 ">http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=119111437&s=143441

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January 19, 2006

New Podcast

Another podcast. This one is better!

Listen Now!!

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Podcast Broadcast

Here it is, the first ever Age of Reason, Podcast Broadcast!

Go easy on me, as it is my first podcast. I will do one later this weekend or so, but consider the above broadcast a test.

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January 18, 2006

Auntie Em

I hate wind. It was so windy last night. The house didn't shake or anything, but a window which wasn't clasped shut was whistling. And though I am a light sleeper, and it kept me up, I didn't get out of my comfy warm bed to shut it tight. Plus the Maine Coon was on my feet, and the kitten was on my head sleeping. I didn't want to disturb them, because then they'd start to play fight, and their growls and meows of joy would keep me awake. Maybe I should just swipe some ambien or something.

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January 17, 2006

Happy birthday brother Ben!

The man, the legend, Ben Franklin would have been 300 years old today. Happy Birthday!!

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Glenn Beck moves to NYC

For all Glenn Beck fans, trade in your Cheesesteaks for Lox and Cream Cheese, your Orange and Black for Yankee pin stripes.

Glenn is moving his nationally syndicated show from the birthplace of liberty to the birthplace of the drive by shooting.

CNN's Headline News has signed conservative radio host Glenn Beck for an hourlong talkshow in hopes of building on the ratings momentum generated by a revamped primetime lineup anchored by "Nancy Grace." The signing of Beck, expected to be announced today, will add a fourth show to HLN's primetime in addition to "Grace," "Showbiz Tonight" and "Prime News Tonight."

"Glenn Beck is the next piece of the puzzle," said HLN prexy Ken Jautz. "Glenn's style is self-deprecating, cordial; he says he'd like to be able to disagree with guests and part as friends. It's conversational, not confrontational."

Beck, a former top 40 deejay who became a nationally syndicated talkshow host five years ago, recently moved his radio studio from Philadelphia to New York City to be closer to HLN studios.

New show will debut in April, though a timeslot has not been set. Jautz said any of the existing shows could be shuffled to accommodate Beck but none will be cancelled.

Net will look to build Beck into the type of TV personality that could siphon viewers from Bill O'Reilly, Joe Scarborough and other conservative hosts.

The addition of Beck is the latest move for HLN, which added a primetime schedule in February in the first major programming shift in the net's 22-year history.

Ratings had been flat for nearly a decade when CNN brought in Jautz from CNN Europe a year ago to introduce primetime programming that would win new viewers without cannibalizing CNN.

Idea behind the changes is that viewers looking for the headlines have already seen them on the Web or on TV by primetime, so the net needed to come up with a schedule of shows to entertain and inform.

The changes gave HLN the fastest-growing show in cable news in "Nancy Grace" and the highest ratings in its history, up 16% in total viewers and 65% in primetime from a year ago.

HLN finished the year averaging 234,000 viewers per day and came very close to unseating MSNBC as the third-rated cable news net. It tied MSNBC in the adults 25-54 demo, on which advertising is bought and sold.

HLN has spent the last several months giving screen tests to dozens of news personalities -- including other radio hosts -- to find someone with enough TV charisma to carry an hourlong show.

"As part of the continued evolution of the network, we wanted another primetime show," Jautz said. "We didn't look for a conservative, a liberal or anyone of a particular ideology. It was about getting the best talent that would resonate with the most viewers."

Beck is tied for eighth with a national radio audience of 2.75 million, according to Talkers magazine. More importantly to HLN, however, Beck is third in the 25-54 demo, according to Arbitron, behind Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Beck's five-year-old show is carried by a little more than 200 stations, but he achieved his aud without any distribution in New York City or Los Angeles.

While conservative, Beck is avowedly apolitical, and his show is a highly produced mix of interviews and opinion.

On Monday, he opened his show with a nostalgic mix of Martin Luther King Jr. Day speeches and followed with these hot-button questions: "What percent of whites are racists? What percent of blacks want things handed to them?"

Later, Beck poked fun at his own show: "It's a holiday weekend. We're practically phoning it in!"

In the coming weeks, HLN will hire an executive producer and staff for the show.

I'm sick of New York being the center of everything.

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Eye know what you didn't do this weekend

On Monday my wife had a problem with her eye. She either scratched it or had some fuzz in it. It really hurt her, so she asked me to take her to the eye doctor. We went to a place called Eyeland, the place where we last got our glasses and contacts. When we got there we were told that they had a "full book" and probably wouldn't be able to fit her in at all. I told the lady that my wife's eye really hurt and that she didn't need a full exam, just to make sure there wasn't anything wrong. They said to just wait.

Angry, we called Sears Optical, and they were able to fit her in within 45 minutes. All was well. We vowed never to go back to Eyeland. If an eye doctor won't fit you in when you have a problem, what good is he?

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January 13, 2006

What if their name was Redskin?

The Seattle Times will not use the word "Redskins" in their reporting of their game against the Redskins. Must call them "Washington". This can get very interesting as News Busters reports.

See if this makes sense.

Marcus Washington plays in a different Washington, but he still can sympathize with Seahawks who feel overlooked. This is because Washington finished with 93 tackles, 7 ½ sacks and one interception and, like the rest of the Washington defense, didn't make the Pro Bowl.... The biggest advantage Washington quarterback Mark Brunell sees from his days at the University of Washington? "That's one good thing about playing in Seattle all those years," he said, "you get used to throwing a wet ball."


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Smelly Cat

Don't feed your cat green peppers. They give them smelly poop. And on the topic of smelly cat poop, why do cats always seem to take a shit in their litter box immediately after you clean and deoderize it.

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January 12, 2006

Hapy Birthday to yuns

Today is Rush Limbaugh's birthday. It is also Howard Stern's birthday. For Rush's birthday they got him a cake, which he doesn't eat. They got Howard a cake which he won't eat either.

Then Howard's staff got him a Sybian. (Adult Material)

I thought my mom's birthday was Tuesday. I forgot about it until yesterday, adn called her apologizing for not calling her. I also ordered some flowers from Proflowers to have delivered today. Unfortunatley her birthday is Monday! Well, since that is a bank holiday, maybe I can blame it on that.

We'll see.

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January 10, 2006

Gotta Poop, Gonna Sue

A group is threatening a lawsuit against Frito Lay

DALLAS (AP) - A consumer group is demanding that Frito-Lay put warning labels on chips with the fat substitute olestra or face a lawsuit by a Massachusetts woman who says she got stomach cramps and had to use the bathroom quickly after eating the snacks.

Fuck, I have to go to the bathroom quickly after eating steak, does that mean I'm gonna sue Ruth's Chris?

Lawyers suck.

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January 09, 2006

Howard Stern Debuts on Sirius

I woke up early today and listened to Howard Stern's first (official) broadcast on Sirius satellite radio. It was very exciting. As someone who loves radio. I have to say I am excited about Stern's debut.

It wasn't without problems, there were some glitches, and for the first time in years he had to play some music while they sorted out the problems.

The rest of the show was generally uneventful. George Takei from Star Trek fame is a new member of the crew as the official show announcer, and there was a somewhat boring press conference.

Though there were numerous swear words, it was no more than you'd hear if you hung out with a bunch of close friends who were having a few beers. There were also few commercials, actually no commercials. Stern though has said that they will have about 5 minutes of advertisements an hour. Still much better than the close to 20 minutes he had at KROCK.

What Sirius is doing is indeed a revoluation. It is exciting to me. I’ve been growing disgusted with "terrestrial" radio. The music channels were ever more boring and homologized. A Kiss FM station in Pittsburgh played much the same music as the Kiss station in Philadelphia. So from a music standpoint alone, Sirius and rival XM, are great.

But from a free speech standpoint, it is even more exciting. No more DJs frightened to talk like normal people. How can you have a frank talk about a topic like sex, when you are afraid that FCC and company will fine you if you say "CUM".

Getting Sirius and XM are easier than ever. Years ago, a radio for your car or home would cost about $200, plus the $12.95 monthly fee. Now you can get radios on-line at the company’s web-sites, or from stores as common as Wal~Mart or Radio Shack. I got one for me and one for my wife together for $120. They are plug and play, meaning that they hook up via your cigarette lighter, and broadcasts the content to your FM radio or through your tape deck.

I also purchased a home kit for $50 so I can listen in my house too.

Much like pay TV was a revolution decades ago, and the medium enhanced and altered the broadcast services, satellite radio is slowly doing much the same for old fashioned radio. Get on the bandwagon now, and see what I’m talking about.

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Democratic Underground Celebrates Cheney's Hospitilization

The moonbats at Democratic Underground are celebrating the fact that Dick Cheney was hospitilzed.

What jerks.

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January 06, 2006

Postal Rate Hike

Don't forget, that as of Sunday, the rate for a First Class Stamp goes to .39cents.

Get your two cent stamps today!

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Pat Robertson will be burning in Hell

The reason that I mostly detest bible pumping assholes is because of Pat Robertson. The fire and brimstone dickhead recently said that the flooding devestating New Orleans was God's punishment now says that Ariel Sharon's stroke was "divine retribution"

I don't believe that Pat Robetson's God is really how he is. Robertson is just and angry hateful bible thumper.

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Swanny is running for Governor!!

Go Swanny!!

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January 04, 2006

David Letterman and his Baboon heart

David Letterman and his baboon heart can go get cancelled. His show is totally unfunny and borders on Keith Olberman smarminess, but no one could be that smarmy.

Leno may be a lib, but at least I respect him for being an entertainer first, and not commenting on news. If I want that I'll watch O'Reilly.

See what I'm talking about.

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January 03, 2006

I hate Notre Dame

I can't freakin stand anything about those picks. I think it's because of the asshole Notre Dame fans where I live. In freakin Pennsylvania. Most of them don't even know where South Bend is on a map, and they talk about the place like Jesus himself lives there.


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January 02, 2006

Political Affiliation

What sort of person are you? Are you a Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, or Communist.

Well, take this test and find out!!

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