December 29, 2005

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

Here is my recipe for perfect chocolate chip cookies. Follow it exactly, and no substitutions.

2 1/4 cups unbleached all purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 sticks salted butter
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (pure, not imitation)
2 large eggs
12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips

Combine softened butter, vanilla sugar, and eggs until nice and creamy. Add flour, salt, baking soda, and chocolate chips.

use a table spoon and place on baking sheet, bake in 375 oven for 11 minutes or until slightly brown on top.


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December 28, 2005

Italian Dreams

I had an absolutely heavenly dinner last night at Carrabba's. I basically ate myself into a blissful state that Buddhists call Nirvana. Though I did have weird dreams last night, and didn't sleep well because I ate absolutely too much food. But it was worth it!

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December 27, 2005

Merry Xmas

I got some cool stuff for Xmas, but I'm on vacation until the 3rd of January. It will give me plenty of time to break everything I got.

Expect sporadic writings until then.

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December 22, 2005

I heart you all.

I hate when people who say "heart" instead of love. "I heart my dog" WTF? That is just plain stupid.

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December 21, 2005

Freudian Slip of the Vagina

I was bored, playing with the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on Google. I was typing in random phrases, and while listening to Maxim Radio on Sirius, I decided to type in "My Vagina" because they were talking about vaginas, and I got this web-site.

And if you really want a trip, visit the "images" section. Remembe the "Hot or Not" craze a few years ago? Well, they have a section where you can post picturs of vaginas for all to see.

And they say I have too much time on my hands.

All I do know is that if I find a or something similar, I will know I've surfed the entire internet.

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A day without work

What do I do with my 2 weeks vacation? Well, let's look at today as an example. I woke up around 8, drank some coffee, and then ran to town to do some errands. My first stop was the bank, where I cashed a check.

I then wanted to go to the Nextel store and get a new belt clip for the i530 phone I have, knowing full well that as soon as I buy the new clip, I'll find the old one. Unfortunately, the Nextel store was no longer there. I wasn't without stuff to do for long, because I went to Kilngaman's, where I purchased some new cars for my HO train set I currently have running around the tree.

I then came home and played with my trains for a bit, had some pizza for lunch, and then I took a shower.

And I have two more weeks of this!!

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December 20, 2005

Fire the New York Strikers

It seems the world is soon to be less one union thug organization.

And yesterday, merely hours into the paralyzing job action, Michael T. O'Brien, the international president of the parent union, the Transport Workers Union of America, urged the city's transit workers to abandon the strike and return to work immediately. He said the parent union would provide no money or other assistance to Local 100.

Those two facts - a lack of unanimity among its own leaders and an absence of help from fellow transit workers across the country - could complicate the union's ability to hold up under the mounting public criticism, enormous fines and escalating attacks by the city and state's top political leaders.

In a Brooklyn courtroom, where a state judge imposed fines of $1 million a day on Local 100, the union's own representatives made clear their vulnerability, saying they had only $3.6 million in cash. The union even found itself contemplating the sale of its West Side headquarters as a way to withstand the penalties.

"This begins the process of crippling the union," Arthur Z. Schwartz, a lawyer for Local 100, said of the steep fines.

So they are getting fined a million dollars a day, that means by Friday we will be getting an early Christmas present. One bankrupt union. Also the overpaid idiots who are out carrying signs and picketing (probably the most exercise these guys get in their whole lives) will be fined two days pay for each day off work.

And the strike was called because of the bad offer by MTA?

Mr. Toussaint explained the authority's final offer: wage increases of 3 percent, 4 percent and 3.5 percent over the next three years; a requirement that new workers pay 6 percent of their pretax earnings toward their pensions; and an additional holiday to mark the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I would gladly give 6% of my salary to be ensured a pension. I pay 6% of my salary now to my IRA which by no means I will have a comfortable income from it when I retire. I would love a pension period, and these guys don't want to pay for it????

I say they should be fired

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Sirius stabs me in the back.

As of January 1st FoxNews radio will no longer be on Sirius Satellite Radio. Call SIRIUS at 1-888-539-7474 to tell them you still want Fox News.

Pleae e-mail the VP of programming to voice your disgust.

They've already taken Tony Snow AND Alan Colmes off the air. I guess XM will have them

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Pink Slips for the Holidays

I think every worker who walked out of their jobs as New York City transit workers should get a stocking filled with pink slips.

More and more Americans are fed up with the shenanigans of unions. While most every non-union American has to pay portions of their health insurance and/or not get the generous raises they demand.

"Enough is enough," said Craig DeRosa, who relies on the subway to get to work. "Their benefits are as rich as you see anywhere in this country and they are still complaining. I don't get it."

In Queens, Brunilda Ayala said she had no sympathy for the union after the bus strike began in her neighborhood.

"How can you give a raise to a bus driver who would make three old ladies walk home in the cold?" asked Ayala, 57.

The strike is New York's citywide mass transit walkout first since an 11-day strike in 1980.

And I would also like to add that this strike is illegal.

It is illegal for mass transit workers to strike in New York, which means the 33,000 bus and subway employees will incur huge fines — two days' pay for each day on strike.

Fucke 'em

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December 16, 2005

The Pope put them up to it

There is an interesting story in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review about a 1999 incident involving the current Grand Master of Masons in Pennsylvania.

The prominent businessman whose drunken-driving case federal prosecutors say was fixed by indicted Allegheny County Chief Deputy Sheriff Dennis Skosnik is a successful funeral home owner and civic leader. William Slater II, 47, of Scott, owner of eight local funeral homes and grand master of the 128,000-member Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania, was arrested by two sheriff's deputies in Oakland on Nov. 13, 1999, court records show.

District Judge Eileen Conroy dismissed seven charges -- including drunken driving, fleeing and eluding and careless driving -- after the deputies failed to appear for two preliminary hearings on the case.

Federal prosecutors allege Skosnik and former sheriff's Capt. Frank Schiralli ordered the deputies to transport prisoners in Texas, and then in Philadelphia, on the dates the hearings were scheduled.

Well, who cares. I really don't care about drunk driving. I'm more worried about the trucker working overtime, is tired and driving 20 tons carelessly. I have more important things to worry about.

And it's interesting that the last names of the writers of the story end in vowels. Perhaps they are members of the Anti-Masonic, Knights of Columbus?

Makes you wonder why a 6 year old story involving the PA Grand Master would surface now, written by two probable Cathlics?

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I hate Ticketmaster

I fucking hate Ticketmaster. Corrupot incompotent organization.

My wife orderd tickets for her father to Trans-Siberian Orchestera and wanted to mail them directly to them as they are gifts., but Ticketmaster wouldn't let them ship to their address. We had to have them sent directly to us so we thought when the tickets came, we could mail them. The concert is Sunday, and the tickets haven't come yet. We tried to have them waiting at will call, but Ticketmaster won't do that because they have a differnet last name than us. We called several times now, and no one can resolve any situation. Each time we are on hold for 15 minutes at a pop and it isn't even a toll free number.

I will never, never, ever go to any event that I have to use Ticketmaster for. Every. Fuck them and their incompotence.

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Randall won the Apprentice

Randall won the Apprentice last night, and I was glad until the ending. Trump offered to hire Rebecca, and asked Randall what he thought. Randall said, NO!!

What a slap in the face, and it shows what type of person he really is.

I think Randall is very qualified, but what he did at the end by not agreeing to a joint hire was a spit in the face to Rebecca. Trump said it right, though it may be a TV show, he still is seriously hiring someone to run a company for him, and if the best decision were to hire both of them, despite the show not being called the Apprenti (as Randall put it), then Randall should have seen that hiring Rebecca was a good decision. In the end Rantall's ego won over. It shows that though Randall talks the talk of loyalty, what he did was pretty low, and if I were Rebecca I would never talk to him again. What a low human being.

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so.

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December 15, 2005

Best Buds

I thought I'd show you a cute picture of two of my kitties who love to cuddle in clothes baskets. Toby is on the left, Boots is on the right.

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Have an ice day

It's snowing again. But this time it's supposed to changeover to ice and sleet after about 4 inches of snow. Last time they called for a storm like this we lost power for almost 4 days.

We'll see what happens.

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December 14, 2005

Crack Whores on Patrol

Why do hollywood chicks think they have to look like concentration camp victims to look good?

Look at Hillary Duff before and after.



And why did Lindsay Lohan have to go blond and skinny bitch looking?



Real men like women who have curves and actually look like women. We also like variety. Every woman in hollywood looks the same. They are mostly skinny blonde bitches.

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What's wrong with American made cars?

Recently the big three US automakers were panhandling in washington.

Troubled U.S. automakers and their allies on Capitol Hill are seeking billions of dollars in aid from the federal government ranging from health coverage for their workers to extra tax write-offs for themselves.

They're also asking for one rhetorical favor: Please don't call the requests a bailout.

"I don't view it as a bailout," Sen. Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.) said.

"We're not looking for a bailout," agreed William C. Ford Jr., chairman of Ford Motor Co.

What else is it when the Federal government gives money to a company or group of companies who fail to produce quality product, or lose money?

If you wonder why the big 2 1/2 suck so bad, look at this philosophy that they pander to.

GM has focused its most recent launches on cars, including the Pontiac G6 and Buick Lacrosse. But cars tend to be less profitable than trucks, making their sales less important to the bottom line. In addition, the overall car market has been in decline for several years.

While it's true that cars are less profitable than trucks, you should look at them as a loss leader. I drive a Subaru and my wife drives a Honda. If we decide to buy a truck or mini-van, I'll first look at Hondas or Subaru's because of the positive experiences I have with them.

Same is true for Detroit. If they built a good car that attracted car buyers, then when they decided to move up to more expensive and more profitable vehicles, they would have a strong, loyal customer base to draw upon.

It's like the guy who does your taxes year after year. When he expands into financial planning, more than likely the people who he does taxes for will line up for him to do their planning.

Another problem with them is their relationship with the labor unions. Where in a American located Honda plant for example it is perfectly acceptable for an assembly line worker to quickly fix a problem he sees, as simple as a fuse box not wired fully. But in one of the big three, it becomes a union issue and production must be halted to so a union "technician" can fix that problem. Often times they don't bother and let the product go out of the plant defective.

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December 12, 2005

Hate Mail

I got hate mail today. Apparently I am "a senseless and indoctrinated deadbeat writing down your inconsequential thoughts in a 'blog'"

And his e-mail addy is from the UK, could it be the LIMEY is back?

Well, duh, what do you think a blog is supposed to be? The New York fucking times? It's just for fun, sometimes we go overboard, and sometimes we joke. It's not like I said that all Liberals are commie pinkos who practice frequent risky sex and will probably die of AIDS while attending a conference on Kyoto. And if I did, is that any worse than when John Kerry called our troops "Terrorists" a few days ago, or no more than Howard Dean said we can never win the war in Iraq.

And no more that what is said on most "progressive" radio or other publications.

It's all in fun, and sometimes you have to demonstrate the absurd by being absurd.

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I want a carbine action....

Pope Ratzinger, the German high Chancellor of the Vatican, has urged Catholics to resist the materialism of the Christmas season and, instead give that money to the church. From his solid gold throne at St. Peter's comes this story.

Pope Benedict warned on Sunday against rampant materialism which he said was polluting the spirit of Christmas.

"In today's consumer society, this time of the year unfortunately suffers from a sort of commercial 'pollution' that threatens to alter its real spirit," the Pope told a large crowd gathered in St. Peter's Square to hear his weekly Angelus blessing.

He said Christmas should be marked with sober celebrations and urged Christians to display a nativity crib in their houses as "a simple but effective way of showing their faith and conveying it to their children."

Last year, under Pope John Paul, the Vatican launched a high-profile campaign to urge Roman Catholic Italy not to compromise the spirit of Christmas through excess or dilute its message out of fear of offending a growing Muslim population.

I was wrong, it wasn't from his solid gold throne he bashed capitalism, it was from his vacation villa.

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December 11, 2005

Goodbye Netflix

I've cancelled my netflix account. After 4 years of a Netflix subscriber I cancelled by account. Don't get me wrong. I love Netflix. It's the best thing since sliced bread, but the movies coming out of Hollywood suck so bad, there is nothing I even want to watch at home. The very few exceptions would be Harry Potter, but I'll just by that movie. Basically, if there is a movie that I'd even want to watch, I'll go see it in the Theater, and the last movie I saw in a theater was "40 Year Old Virgin".

I'll miss Netflix, but I will not miss the shitty movies coming out of Hollywood. I'll just listen to my Sirius radio or something.

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December 09, 2005

AIM buddy

I logged into my AIM, which I don't use much, but I wanted to see if my sister was online to say hello as she is graduating college soon.

There was this guy called ShoppingBudy in my buddy list. I don't know who the hell ShoppingBudy was, but what he doing in my buddy list? So I IM'd him; I said "Who the Fuck are you?"

He said, "Welcome. Now you can search for products with AOLShopping. Type main to get started. To read our privacy policy, type privacy anytime.".

A crummy commercial? I felt like poor Ralphy whe he got his decoder pin and the "secret message" was to drink more Ovaltine.

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Shopping Day

Since it snowed all night and dumped 10 inches of snow all abouts my place, and because I needed to clean the white stuff up, I took the rest of the day off. Sitting at my computer I shopped around and decided to do 100% of my shopping for Christmas on-line. I finished up my wife, got something for my mom, step-dad, and my father.

The only thing I am going to say about any of what I got, is I that I got my dad this and this. My dad is pretty hard to shop for, but I had an idea this year of something he may actually use because while my wife let our dog out to pee the other morning around 4, she trapped my dad hiding in the kitchen. He was putting wood in the wood stove. The poor bastard was trapped in only his skivies and probably felt embarassed. Now, he will have something to wear.

I also updated my wish list. And for some reason when I tried to post the link to it kept sending you to some weirdo who had all this Madonna and Barbara Streisand stuff on it.

If you want to see the Amazon wish list stuff, click on the link to the right.

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Snow Day!!


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December 08, 2005

Coffee for me

I received my second batch of Doubleshot coffee's coffee. Last time I ordered an Indian Monsooned Malabar, which was probably the best coffee I've ever drank. It was so good I mostly by myself drank 3 pounds of it in about 3 weeks.

This time I ordered the Brazil Santos Mariah. Though it is definately a great cup of coffee, it lacks the smoothness and odd (in a good way) flavor of the Malabar. It's good, don't get me wrong, but I think it was just the Monsooned Malabar was THAT good.

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December 07, 2005

A day

Today is the 64th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The act that woke America from it's slumber and sent us to a war to defeat despotism.

Today take a second to remember those who died in the savage sneak attack, and all those through our history who have given their lives to allow us to live our lives in peace.


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December 01, 2005

Happy Christmas

I hate when companies say "Happy Holidays". Bill O'Reilly has a list of how different companies view Christmas

JCPenney "Christmas" mentioned in print ads & other advertising Federated Department Stores (Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor, Filene's, Marshall Fields) "Christmas" mentioned in print ads & other advertising Employees are free to use any holiday greeting that they feel is appropriate

"Christmas" mentioned in print ads & other advertising

FAO Schwarz
Using "Holiday" this year in advertising materials
Employees are free to use any holiday greeting that they feel is appropriate

Toys 'R' Us
Employees are free to use any holiday greeting that they feel is appropriate (no official policy)

KB Toys
Using "Happy Holidays" this year in advertising materials
Employees are free to use any holiday greeting that they feel is appropriate (no official policy)

No advertising, but company leans towards "Happy Holidays" for in-store promos

BJ's Wholesale Club
Using "holiday season" this year in advertising materials
Employees are free to use any holiday greeting that they feel is appropriate

Using "Happy Holidays" this year in advertising materials
Employees are free to use any holiday greeting that they feel is appropriate

Sears & Kmart
Kmart will not use "Christmas" in its advertising
Employees are free to use any holiday greeting that they feel is appropriate

Kohl's does not disclose its advertising strategies
Employees are free to use any holiday greeting that they feel is appropriate

Did not return phone calls

First off, Christmas is a federal holiday. Banks are closed, no mail is delivered, no federal employees work. It's a law. Just like July 4th, Martin Luther King Day, or President's Day. Unlike Easter, which is more highly religious, Christmas is federally recognized.

Also stores make most of their money during the Christmas season. To take our money and make profits off that, but then arrogantly deny the reason many people shop, for Christmas gifts that is, really gives me the red ass.

Also notice how Target didn't respons. I fucking hate Target. When my family's house burned down about 10 years ago, it was the Salvation Army that really got us help. They got us clothes, shoes, and toys for my little brothers and sisters. That Target doesn't allow the Army to solicit on their property is their right as property owners. Their choice, but I also choose not to shop there.

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