May 31, 2005

Small Town America

Liberals, and most in Hollywood just don't get it. They don't get America.

I live in the country, but am very active in a local town. That's where I belong to the Elks and Masonic lodges.

We marched in the Memorial day parade, and I saw something repeatedly that brought tears to my eyes. As we marched by, with the American Flag being carried by one of us in the lead, I saw veterans, cops, firemen, and other uniformed officers stop what they were doing, and salute our flag.

One man in particular moved me. He was an elderly gentleman, and had much trouble standing on his own. He needed a friend to raise him from his wheel chair. He still rose, and on wobbly legs, stood at attention and saluted his flag. Our flag.

The flag of small towns, and country roads. The country I love. The country that many in Hollywood don't understand.

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May 27, 2005

It certainly does suck

So I have my Oreck vacuum. I like it. My wife is a little more partial to any vacuum that has some sort of hoses to suck up the little pieces of Boo Berry when I drop them. And I do drop them.

But I like the light weight, and the fact that it can do hardwood floors, and it's very light. I already said that. Oh, and it sucks up pet hair from carpets, floors and furniture. Yeah, I just pick up the vacuum and use it right on the sofa.

It is an excellent vacuum. My mom tried it and loved it so much she purchased the model above mine.

Along with every other fad chaser, Sporty has her own opinions on her favorite vacuum. That British guy annoys me. Plus they are butt ugly vacuums. All else I can say is that bagless vacuums suck.

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May 26, 2005

Birds and Bees

I think American Idol came down to these two factors. Dudes liked Carrie, chicks liked Bo.

Plus all those evil "red staters" voted for that cowgirl Carrie Underwood instead of the refined urban rocker Bo.

Wait, maybe I'm getting my elections confused.

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May 24, 2005

Coffee Gets you Going

I need my coffee. It's my only vice. I make a half pot or so a day, sometimes I make more if I'm tired or have company. But my coffeemakers run every day.

But I have the worst luck with Coffee Makers. All the coffeemakers I've had end up dying on me. My most recent one leaks half the water onto my nice counertop. It's a nice coffee maker, though from other reviews, I am not the only one that has this problem.

So with having much trouble with auto-drip coffeemakers, I am going to switch to a percolator. I've always loved perced coffee, even though cofee snobs at Starbucks would tell you that they break several cardinal rules of coffeemaking, mainly boiling coffee and recirculating coffee over the grounds.

But I don't care, they won't leak.

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The Arizona Fool

John McCain has outlasted his goodwill acquired by playing his "I'm a war hero" schtick.

He is part of the problem. He is the leader of 14 senators who have torn up the constitution in favor of changable senate rules.

WASHINGTON - The Senate was likely to vote on one of President Bush's judicial nominees Tuesday after Senate centrists reached a deal to preserve venerable opposition rights while allowing a vote.


Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. and one of the architects of the deal, told NBC's "Today" show Tuesday that it "kept the Senate from going over the precipice."

The accord "preserves the rights of the minority" party, McCain said, by allowing only "the extremely limited use of the filibuster," a tool under which a minority can prevent action unless the majority has 60 or more votes.

Though on the plus side, the Republicans do still have the upper hand. If democrats decide to filibuster any judge, thus going back on their word, Republicans can trigger the Constitutional option and make the Dems look like assholes.

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May 23, 2005

Leaves of Three

My wife had a run in with Poison Ivy this weekend. She is all itchy and scratchy and miserable.

The culprit was good ol' poison ivy, and despite my telling her otherwise, she went for a walk in the woods in shorts and flip flops.

And her feet are now itchy.

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May 19, 2005

Reading Rainblows

I hate the part of my job that I'm doing now. I'm reading applications for funding, and it sucks. They are long and the same and, in some rare cases. Very boring.

So as you are sitting in the sun and relaxing, I'm ready my eyes to a bloody mess.

But I have plenty of Diet Coke with Splenda and I'm happy.

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May 18, 2005

Splenda is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy

I mentioned earlier that I heard of Diet Coke with Splenda. Well, thanks to my non-Amish Wal~Mart, I bought several bottles of the sweet elixar.

And I have to say, it is the best diet cola I've ever tasted!! Almost as good as regular Coke.

Try some!!

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En Laus im Graut is besser wie gaar ken Fleesch

This was very interesting.

It appears Wal~Mart caters to Amish

new Wal-Mart that caters to the Amish has opened in Middlefield, Ohio, according to Local 6 News.

The store has an expanded parking lot that includes 37 hitching posts for horse-drawn carriages.

Also, the store is stocked with blocks of ice instead of crushed ice and fabrics for clothes to be made at home. Middlefield is about 30 miles east of Cleveland.

The Wal-Mart will employ about 350 people.

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May 16, 2005

Sweet dude!!

I just got word of a tasty new beverage from Coke. It's Diet Coke, sweetened with Splenda.

ATLANTA, February 7, 2005 – Coca-Cola North America today announced that it will introduce Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda® in the United States in the second quarter of 2005. Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda will be the seventh addition to the Diet Coke family, which includes the flagship Diet Coke, America’s #1 diet soft drink, plus Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Diet Coke with Lime, Diet Coke with Lemon, Diet Cherry Coke, and Diet Vanilla Coke. “Many consumers told us they liked the taste of Splenda and wanted a Splenda-sweetened option under the Diet Coke brand, so we’re obliging them,” said Dan Dillon, Jr., vice president, Diet Portfolio, Coca-Cola North America. “The millions of current Diet Coke devotees across America shouldn’t be concerned – the Diet Coke they love will stay just as it is.”

Bout damned time.

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May 13, 2005

The Mayor's one way street

Mayor John Street, the corrupt and inept mayor of Philly thinks he is better than you. He wants to tell privately owned businesses that they can't allow smoking. He wants to raise your taxes, and he thinks the current Philly law that allows government to give preferred contracts to political donors should not be changed.

He also doesn't think that he, the almighty mayor of the 5th largest city in the nation, should not have his bag searched. He says it's an invasion of HIS privacy. (what about the rights of private property owners who want to allow smoking)

PHILADELPHIA -- A trip to the movies for Philadelphia Mayor John Street became quite a drama. It involved a movie theater employee who tried to inspect the mayor's little black bag.

"I was trying to keep it safe," said Joseph Hood, 35.
Hood has cerebral palsy. He also has a 13-year career at the AMC theater at the Franklin Mills Mall. His duties include security.

Last month, Hood asked to check a bag that Street was bringing into the theater. He did not recognize the mayor.
"(I said,) 'Excuse me sir, for security purposes may I check your bag?' He says, 'Sir, you may not,' and put up a big scene," Hood said.

A few days later, the mayor had his attorney call the theater and inquire about the policy. He said that the move was not meant to intimidate anyone.

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No wonder I'm fat

I ate at the best restaurant i've ever eaten at. If you love Italian, I can't suggest enough that you try Carrabbas.


Try the Chicken Trio. Not on the menu, but they'll make it for ya!!

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May 12, 2005

It is isn't it?


You too can have fun with signs at the Church Sign Generator

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May 11, 2005

I'm Cancelling HBO

I'm Cancelling HBO. They cancelled Carnivale. My favorite show on HBO, rich with symbolism and history is gone. i don't want to give them my $12 a month if they won't give me what I want. And I don't want Real Time with Bill Maher.

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Moxie Hart...

Moxie has heart. She has a great letter to runaway bride, Jennifer Wilbanks.

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Protect your internet

I saw an interesting story on my local news last night on how many people with wireless networks in their home have unwittingly allowed their internet, and their computers, open to anyone with a wireless modem.

Not just hackers. I could drive around with a laptop and a wireless network card and get access to everything.

illions of people use the Internet every day, and with your business or your personal life growing more dependent on Internet communication, many people might be ready to take the next step and get a device that allows you to access the Internet on the go. But going wireless could mean your computer system goes unprotected. Computers as we first knew them were not meant to be portable. They were not lightweight, and with a maze of wires, they were a little tied down. But laptop computers are going everywhere and the Internet is going with them.

For information on protecting yourself from this problem. Go here.

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May 09, 2005

I'm Crazy Eyeball Girl, give me some candy!!

It seems the crazy runaway bride has been in trouble with the law before.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting Wilbanks faced a felony charge back in 1996 for allegedly shoplifting $1,700 worth of merchandise from a mall. Records show the prosecutor in that case dropped the charge after Wilbanks completed a program of community service and restitution. That prosecutor is now serving as Wilbanks' attorney.

In a separate case, court records show Wilbanks served two weekends in jail after pleading guilty to another shoplifting charge. A judge sentenced her to probation, a $400 fine, and community service.

Felony counts of shoplifting? You must really be stealing a lot of shit, because I didn't know shoplifting could be a felony.

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May 06, 2005

She's gone from suck to blow!!

I got my new vacuum cleaner. As I mentioned earlier I decided to eliminate my piece of junk Hoover windtunnel for something that actually works.

So I bought an Oreck.

i did all the carpets in the house, and it works well. Plus it's light so my wife won't ask me constantly to carry it up the stairs or back down.

And it does the hardwood perfectly!!

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All kneel before the big hard water spot...

You've probably heard about the big water stain on an underpass in Chicago that appears to the faithful to look like The Virgin Mary.

Well, it appears some skeptic painted over it, writing "Big Lie"

Believers (most without jobs) have been flocking to the area to lay flowers and light candles before the salt stain. And they say putting food before Buddha statues is weird.


Some see Mary, I see a need for CLR

I'm sure if the salt stain looked like George Bush they wouldn't have pressed charges.

And here is something strange. This salt stain from an undisclosed location looks like Colonel Sanders


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Auntie Em!!

My wife calls the Bilco Basement doors we have on our home "Dorthy Doors". I guess because they resemble the doors that Auntie Em and Uncle Whats his name went down in during the tornado, leaving poor Dorothy to die like Helen Hunt's father in Twister.

But I painted them, they were dull and ugly. Now they are shiny and pretty!

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May 05, 2005

You spin me round

So my car is still in the shop. Two days now. The rear wheel bearing is shot, and I'm stuck at home with no place to go. It's funny how you only want to go places when you can't go anywhere.

The good thing about it is that it let me get some work done around the house. Yesterday, for example, I swept and mopped the floor and cleaned the kitchen. Tonight I think I'm gonna do the floor in the dining room. I'll wait to do the carpets because my Oreck is being delivered tomorrow.

Why should I use my piece of shit Dirt Devil when I can use the 8 Pound Oreck!!

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The Nazi Pope

I'm no big Catholic or anything, but a Italian online newspaper has gotten into big trouble for publishing a picture of the pope dressed in a Nazi uniform.

Here is the picture in question

Now, I think it's unfair to accuse Pope Joe, as I call him, of being a Nazi. It was required by law to be in the Hitler Youth. It was Hitler's way of brining up good Nazis. I guess it's just fun to pick on Germans.

Now, I also think the web-site should have been shut down. Not for putting up a picture of the Pope in a Nazi uniform, but because the picture is of such bad quality, that even a 10 year old with MS Paint could have done better.

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May 03, 2005

Evolution of the Species

I thought I'd share the reason that conservatives like me enjoy destroying the environment and doing thinks like burning tires and driving old sports cars.

It's because we do indeed want the environment destroyed. We figure since most health nut liberals enjoy eating tofu and bean sprouts, they won't be as strong when hard times come. They will die first.

Then Halliburton will turn on it's massive machine that will clean the air and we will have a safe, happy, liberal-free world.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Air UnAmerica Update

Air America, the mostly privately funded liberal talk radio station really is upset that George Bush won the election, going to far as to say things that most people would not be for, even fair minded liberals I know.


Take Randi Rhoades. In a recent clip she compared George Bush to Fredo Corleone, and suggested someone take him on a fishing trip and kill him.

Don't believe me? Take a listen.

Here is the clip

What is really sick, is that she is the leading commentary for liberals in America.

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May 02, 2005


I was running the sweeper, a heavy and overpriced Hoover Windtunnel bagless, and I had to empty the canister, and accidentally dropped the fucking thing and that freaky white powder went everywhere.

I was like screw this infernal machine. I was researching different sweepers and funny enough I heard a comercial for factory refurbished Oreck XL Delux for 1/2 off the regular price, so I figured, they still have a one year warrenty so I ordered one. I

It still has a full warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. So we'll see how it goes.

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