December 29, 2006

I hate Myspace

I hate myspace. I log in to check my messages, and 10 minutes later I get 10 more inviites for porn sites.

I hate myspace.

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December 28, 2006

A list of Christmas Hated Things

Whilest I'm on a holiday bashing binge, I think I'll list some things that I hate about Christmas.

5. HalloweenMas: It never fails to happen. Some retailer obviously follows an outdated middle ages calandar, and belives that Christmas begins in October. It's almost as bad as back to school stuff appearing around July 4th.

4. Commercials for Diamonds: There is the annoying "Every Kiss Begins with Kay" jingle. And the one with Santa buying a ring for "someone special". Doesn't he have Elves to mine for diamonds?

I also hate those Jared ads. "He got it at Jared's!" Fuck you.

3. Those really old recycled commercials: Two come to mind. The old one with people singing solftly and the Budweiser horses pulling the beer wagon in the snow. In up to date 1960s technicolor.

There is also the Pennsylvania lottery commerical where appearently people are thrilled to receive scratch offs as gifts.

2. The Christmas Shoes: I hope the people who wrote this piece of crap song are kidnapped and have their ears cut off like in the movie Reservoir Dogs. It is a crappy poorly written song, written by a nobody Christian rock band to purposely make you cry. I hope the burn in hell for inflicting that song on us.

1. The Ove Glove: More specificially, I have not received on yet!!

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Shitty Christmas Songs

I love Christmas, and all things Christmas. With two exceptions. Actually, they are two Christmas songs that I hate more than Osama Bin Laden. If I had a choice of finding Osama Bin Laden, or having all memory of these two songs purged from the memory of all humans on Earth, I'd choose the latter.

Those two songs are "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg, and "The Christmas Shoes", by New Song. They are both written by sub-par hack song writers, who are so bad at actually writing a touching song they have to use overt and manipulative techniques to tug at your heart strings.

I'm not the only one that hate these songs.

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December 27, 2006

Rest in Peace, Brother

Bro. Gerald Ford, called from labor December 26th, 2006. Rest in Peace.

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December 19, 2006

Mother and Son drug talk

I was watching a TV show on the History Channel today. It was about illegal drugs, and how they became that way. A lot of what lead to making drugs illegal, and the now famous "war on drugs" has come out of lies, distortion, and misrepresentation of the facts.

I came across a new way to talk to your kids about drugs. It's called "Safety First", and instead of emphasizing scare tactics and stupid commercials comparing a joint smoker to Osama Bin Laden, Safety First emphaizes common sense and the truth.

This letter between mother and son sums it up well

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December 13, 2006

Let's just ban it

New York has banned Trans-Fat. First it was smoking, now it's Crisco. People like Rush Limbaugh were 100% correct many years ago when they said that when you allow local, state, or federal governments to ban things that they deem bad for you such as smoking, you open the door for them to ban anything they deem bad for you.

Reason Magazine has a great dissertation on this topic

Is there any doubt that the infantilization of adults is one of the defining characteristics of contemporary politics?

Last week alone, New York City banned the use of trans fats in restaurant meals, and an Ohio law passed in November that bans smoking in virtually all business establishments (even in company-owned vehicles such as trailer-truck cabs) went into effect. However different the actions may seem on the surface, they share something all too common in today's America: They rob us of the right to make decisions--however stupid, unwise or repugnant to refined sensibilities--about how we want to live, work and eat.

Sums it up pretty good. All you do gooders out there who want to ban stuff beware. Maybe your vices will be targeted next.

Goodbye freedoms.

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December 12, 2006

HDTV sucks

My mom got an HDTV. It is a 60" Plasma Sony. I am not impressed. I think HDTV is an expensive paperweight. For the exception of sports programming, HDTV is totally overrated. I am not ever going to buy a $1,000 television to watch a few monday night football games.

Movies look no better on HDTV than on DVD, and there is still so few programming choices for HDTV, I don't see a point in ever having HDTV.

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December 06, 2006

More from the religion of peace

If you don't pray 5 times a day, you will be beheaded.

Islam is pure evil.

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Link Plug

Give my article over at Blogcritics. It's about the history of swearing oaths of offices on Bibles.

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December 02, 2006

I don't hate this country afterall!

Your 'Do You Want the Terrorists to Win' Score: 38%

A rather wishy washy performance. At least you are less than half aligned with evil. However your patriotism and allegiance to President Bush are lacking. You certainly harbor a few treasonous thoughts, which will no doubt result in the deaths of at least a few of our troops. Please get yourself straightened out immediately. Read a book by Ann Coulter at once!

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win?
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