November 30, 2006

An example of Conservative bigotry

Here is an great example of why I left the Republican movement and the modern conservative movement for a Libertarian movement.

Dennis Prager says a Muslim elected to Congress should not take the oath on the Koran. Not only that, but he says allowing it is unamerican.

Keith Ellison, D-Minn., the first Muslim elected to the United States Congress, has announced that he will not take his oath of office on the Bible, but on the bible of Islam, the Koran.

He should not be allowed to do so -- not because of any American hostility to the Koran, but because the act undermines American civilization.

Is he fucking high? America was built on religious tolerance. And though I'm no friend of Islam, if a Muslim wants to swear his oath to this country on the Koran, he should be allowed. It is his holy book.

The purpose of using a Holy book to swear oaths is to be held accountable. Being that you believe in God, swearing to serve your country on that Holy book is important. God is the ultimate authority. If you are to be held accountable to anyone, God should be the one you are accountable to.

To say that it undermines American civilization is Conservative bigotry. It is ignorant and is a reason that Republicans have left the party in droves.

It is made up of closed minded assholes like Dennis Prager.

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November 29, 2006

The 100

Want to see a list of the top 100 most influential people in America's history.

See the List

My man Ben is #6.

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November 27, 2006

My Man Bag

So, I broke down and got a man bag. Actually, I got it for my birthday.

When I travel for work. I carry a coach embassy bag. It's a soft leather briefcase. It is good, though I always overload it with personal stuff. Wallet, keys, book, book light, handgun, etc.

So I wanted a stylish man bag that would enable me to use my briefcase for work.

I choose the Man-N-Bag Axible.

It's not like men carrying a bag is a new idea. Chewbacca and Indiana Jones carry man bags. So do most Scotts. Try telling a kilt-wearing whiskey drinking highlander that his bag makes him less a man.

So I have my man bag, as does this guy.

And this poor chap isn't allowed to carry his into Yankee Stadium.

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November 22, 2006

Dammit all

I just lost.

And so did you!!

Back to the drawing board.

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November 21, 2006

What cops do to pets

If you travel with your pet, beware of police. They are itchin to hurt your Fido.

Take a look at this news story and corresponding video. You'll have to watch a 15 second commercial first, but this news story is horriffic, and shows why I have a huge distrust and lack of respect for law enforcement in this country.

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November 16, 2006

Milton Friedman, RIP

Milton Friedman, great friend of libertarian ideals, has passed away today. He was 94.

He is best known for his 1976 Nobel Prize for economics. He was also against the current "war on drugs". In his 1990 Open Letter to Bill Bennett he discussed the disaster that the war on drugs would bring.

You are not mistaken in believing that drugs are a scourge that is devastating our society. You are not mistaken in believing that drugs are tearing asunder our social fabric, ruining the lives of many young people, and imposing heavy costs on some of the most disadvantaged among us. You are not mistaken in believing that the majority of the public share your concerns. In short, you are not mistaken in the end you seek to achieve.

Your mistake is failing to recognize that the very measures you favor are a major source of the evils you deplore. Of course the problem is demand, but it is not only demand, it is demand that must operate through repressed and illegal channels. Illegality creates obscene profits that finance the murderous tactics of the drug lords; illegality leads to the corruption of law enforcement officials; illegality monopolizes the efforts of honest law forces so that they are starved for resources to fight the simpler crimes of robbery, theft and assault.

That was definately true in the Prohibition of the 1920s, an era which brought about a rise of mafioso rule and gangland violence.

And it is true today.

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Smoking is bad, but tax money is good

The smoking nazi's are at it again. This time banning smoking in all places except single family homes.

But I'm sure they will have no trouble taking tax money from cigarettes.

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November 13, 2006

Don't take Sudafed

In order to buy sudafed now you have to go to the counter, sign a release saying you will not make meth, and give them a copy of your driver's license. All of this is intrusive and based on the assumption that I might be making illegal drugs.

This post puts it well. It is authoritarian, and wrong of the government to intrude on our rights for things we might do.

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Why College Football is better than the NFL

Sports Illustrated tells you why the NFL sucks compared to big time college football.

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November 07, 2006

Vote: Early and Often

Well, Election Day is here. That means one thing. An end to cam"pain" commercials.

But it also might mean an end to the Republican control in congress, and it could be thanks to us pesky Libertarians, if a Foxnews article is correct

It is election day, and I'm still not sure who I'm going to vote for. A moralistic anti-gay Republican who doesn't even live in our state anymore(Rick Santorum), or a moderate Democrat (Bob Casey).

I'll probably vote for Ed Rendell. He's been a decent governor. He really hasn't done anything I really disagree with and our commonwealth is doing well. I like Swann, but see no need to change the course.

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November 06, 2006

Rib Cooking goodness

I've been really getting into BBQ lately, and here is my latest creation. RIBS!!

This is my 22 1/2 inch Weber Kettle, cooking mode for ribs.
Here is a closeup of the tender deliciousness.

On my wishlist for xmas/birthday is the Weber 2820 Smokey Mountian Smoker/Cooker.

I hope I get it.

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Vote Sschmote

I'm really getting sick of elections. They are so nasty. I am not happy with the Republicans, but I despise most liberal democrats. And when I see the likes of Cindy Sheehan and Martin Sheen trying to get me to vote Democrat it makes me not want to vote at all.

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