March 11, 2005

RESTaurant in Peace

Remember the show The Restaurant that featured celebrity chef Rocco Disperito and his eatery Rocco's on 22nd? I believe you can read a blog entry about it here

Well, it seems that his dream, his lifelong goal of having a restaurant that featured his Italian upbrining, is dead
Rocco's on 22nd Street, the restaurant that had its opening and subsequent infighting featured in the two seasons of NBC's reality show The Restaurant, closed its doors for the last time on Wednesday, September 15.

The closing took place after a New York state court ruled in late July that China Grill Management LLC, the company run by financier (and convicted felon) Jeffrey Chodorow, could close Rocco's on 22nd Street due to its financial problems, despite celebrity chef and namesake Rocco DiSpirito's ownership interest.

I say good. The women may get moist from watching Rocco on TV, but I think he is an asshole. He is rude to his workers, inconsistent in his leadership, and not very loyal.

Every show I watched made me angrier at the way he treated his waitstaff and chefs. Maybe this is how master chefs and restaurant owners treat their staff in a big city like New York, but in Red State America we still expct to be treated like human beings.

And on that aspect alone Rocco deserved to have his dream crushed.

Posted by psugrad98 at March 11, 2005 11:14 AM

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