October 16, 2008

Sarah Palin is Awesome

Sarah Palin is a real person, and a breath of fresh air. Instead of bashing the big companies like Wal~Mart, she shops there.

GALLIPOLIS — Gallipolis Wal-Mart shoppers were at first surprised and then excited on Sunday to find a national political figure in their midst who was, just as they were, picking up a few things she needed.

Accompanied by her youngest son Trig, security, staffers and a small pool of news media, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin stepped off the “Straight Talk Express” bus to enter the store around 1:30 p.m., where she purchased a bag of Parents’ Choice brand disposable diapers and a toy.

You can't ask for more a positive person she is. She is just what we need in government. A regular person like you or me. I buy diaper at Wal~Mart. I buy toys for my child at Wal~Mart (though recently I prefer Target).

We need a real person in government.

We need Sarah Palin, not Barack Obama

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