October 22, 2008

Be Afraid of Barry Obama

I am very afraid for this country. It looks like we are set to elect an unproven socialist with questionable ties and even more questionable judgement.

We see the Obama kids, supporters of his who compare him to the messiah, and preach the two hallow words of "hope" and "change".

Well, hope and change were promises the Bolshevik made during the October Revolution of 1917. Sadaam Hussen, Adolf Hitler, the Iranian Iatollahs, Fidel Castro, and Pol Pot all made the promises of "Hope" and "Change".

Gullible and stupid people believed them and followed those leaders into the abyss.

I see the same thing with Barack Obama. He makes great speeches and makes empty promises of hope and change. Aided by willing accomplices in the media, he has been asked no tough questions. Those that dare question Dear Leader (such as Joe the Plumber) are attacked by the media and the liberal elite. They read his garbage and pry into his history.

Meanwhile his associations is ACORN and Bill Ayers are not questioned.

Wake up people! This man is a dangerous person. Aided by what will look like a filibuster proof majority by the Democrats he will push through legislation that will practically run this country and damage institutions such as free speech and gun ownership.

Please please America, wake up. You will be sorry if you elect this man. We will also lament his election not long after it happens.

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