November 29, 2003

Yodel ay hi hoo

I always thought it was neat that people yodeled. Yodeling, in case you don't know, was originally used in the Alpen countries of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany to communicate across the great expanses of the mountain ranges.

I used to go to German cultural events with my Grandfather and father. The one German folk band used to have this part of their show when they played Alp horns and yodeled.

I can play an Alp horn, having played various brass instruments for years, but I've always wanted to learn how to yodel.

That would be cool.

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November 28, 2003

Proud of Bush

I just want to say how proud I am of my President today. To go over to Baghdad, visit the troops, serve dinner, and provide inspiration is something that is commendable.

I would be proud of ANY President who did this. By going over there it shows his commitment and appreciation for the troops.

Reports are that the troops, who did not know, that Bush was coming were totally surprised and honored that the President decided to spend Thanksgiving with them.

This is a great thing to be proud of.

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Black Friday

Well, it's Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving when people get up at 5 am to save a buck on Tickle Me Elmo.

Thank God, I am working today.

Before I go this morning, I have a Michael Jackson Joke.

How do you know when it's time to go to sleep at Neverland?

When the big hand touches the little hand.

har de har har.

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November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. May your holiday be bright and full of fun.

But don't burn your house down.

Just to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, the President spent 2 hours dining for Thanksgiving with the troops in BAGHDAD!!

BAGHDAD, Iraq  — Turkey with the commander in chief was a surprise Thanksgiving treat for American troops in Baghdad (search) Thursday.

President Bush flew in under the cover of darkness to dine with U.S. forces serving there. It was the first trip ever by an American president to Iraq -- a mission tense with concern about his safety.

"You are defending the American people from danger and we are grateful," Bush told some 600 soldiers who were stunned and delighted by his appearance.

The president's plane -- its lights darkened and windows closed to minimize chances of making it a target -- landed under a crescent moon at Baghdad International Airport (search).

Bush flew in on the plane he most often uses, and White House officials went to extraordinary lengths to keep the trip a secret, fearing its disclosure would prompt terrorist attempts to kill him.

The news of Bush's trip was not released until he was in the air on the way back to the United States. "If this breaks while we're in the air we're turning around," White House communications director Dan Bartlett told reporters on the flight to Baghdad.

Security fears were heightened by an attack last Saturday in which a missile struck a DHL cargo plane, forcing it to make an emergency landing at the airport with its wing aflame.

Bush spent only about two hours on the ground, limiting his visit to the airport dinner with U.S. forces. The troops had been told that the VIP guests would be L. Paul Bremer, the U.S. administrator in Iraq, and Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, commander of coalition forces in Iraq.

In a ruse staged in the name of security, the White House had put out word that Bush would be spending Thanksgiving at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, with his wife, Laura, his parents and other family members. Even the dinner menu was announced.

Instead, Bush slipped away from his home without notice Wednesday evening and flew to Washington to pick up aides and a handful of reporters sworn to secrecy. Plans called for the trip to be abandoned if word had leaked out in advance.

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November 26, 2003

Find your Sleep Number

So, I broke down and decided to buy a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed. I was worried that if I met Paul Harvey, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, or Glenn Beck I would have nothing to talk about. God forbid if I didn't have a sleep number. I would never be allowed into the conservative good ol' boy's club.
So I called Slect Comfort, and orderd my bed. I decided that even though I have the cash, it wasn't readily available, so I wanted to use the 90 day same-as-cash financing.

I was denied.

What the hell I said. I checked with equifax, and they said I should have been approved. After much yelling at the blank wall, I inquired more and saw that the reason I was denied was because we just moved, and they wanted to make sure I wan't a terrorist or something. I had to fax a utility bill.

Good, I just got my phone bill the other day. I put it into my fax machine. Machine would not work. I just made clicking noises.


So now, in addition to spending 900 bucks on a mattress, and having to do all this bullshit, I have to also buy a new fax machine.

I went to staples and bought a Brother 5 in 1 machine.

It dices, it slices, it even scrambles the egg "inside the shell".

Anyways. I orderd the bed, end of story.

Whew. Now that I told the story it doesn't seem like that big a deal. At the time it was very frustrating. I guess retrospect goes a long way.

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Christmas Tidings

Every year, I look forward to Christmas. I love the food, the companionship, annd fun times. I also love getting Christmas cards from friends, family, and others. The card I look forward to more than any other, is my Christmas card from President and Mrs. Bush.

I am so thrilled that, every year, they think of me when they make their Christmas card list. I am privliged to be one of their friends.

Here is from a press release about the card.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- On Friday, November 28, over 1.5
million Christmas cards bearing a Crawford, Texas, postmark will be mailed to
friends and family of President and Mrs. Bush, as well as foreign dignitaries.
This year's official White House Christmas card was designed by artist Barbara
Ernst Prey of Oyster Bay, New York, and depicts the Diplomatic Reception Room
of the White House.

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November 25, 2003

Economy posts incredible growth

The latest third quarter GDP numbers are in, and they are impressive. The economy has grown a whopping 8.2%, much higher than the 7.3% previously reported. This is good news indeed for President Bush. Bad news for the Democratic establishment looking to unseat the President in the 2004 election.


The 8.2 percent growth rate — more than double the 3.3 percent pace registered in the second quarter — represented the best showing since the first quarter of 1984, when the economy surged at a 9 percent pace. Economists were predicting third-quarter GDP would be revised up, with estimates ranging from a 7.3 percent pace to an 8 percent pace.

Near rock-bottom short-term interest rates and President Bush's third round of tax cuts motivated businesses and consumers to spend and invest more, helping the economy to move at such a fast clip in the third quarter, economists say. The next challenge is making sure the rebound is lasting.

Grasping at straws, liberal pundits will try to say that this is a jobless recovery, ignoring the fact that jobs are ALWAYS the lagging indicator for an economic recovery. It is true that we have had jobs lost; a lot of those were due to the recession worsened by September 11th, 2001. Now, many of those jobs are returning.

Right now the unemployment number is a respectable 6%. Compared to other western countries like Germany's 10.1% or 7.6% for Canada, the American worker is doing pretty well.

Six percent is very good, especially considering that full employment is generally considered between 5 and 6%, but generally around 5.5%. So though it is true that there are some Americans out of work who desire jobs, most American's who want jobs can find them.

This surge in the economy is mostly due to the cyclical nature of the nation's economy. The economy doesn't just plug along, it comes and goes in waves. But it is also due to the economic policies of President Bush. Across-the-board tax cuts enabled people to spend money, allowed businesses to invest in infrastructure, and provided more money to invest in stocks, bonds, and other investments.

Mostly though, this surge is due to people like you and me who work hard, pay the bills, and drive the economy. Continuing to do what we do will make sure this economic boom will continue. Put some money in stocks, buy a nice gift for your spouse, or take a vacation. American’s continued hard work will enable this boom to last, and push us into economic growth for the next decade.

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Bush for Socialism, Dean for Communism

Whoever said Dean wasn't a socialist obviously hasn't seen this picture from around the internet. His lapel pin is actually the Communist hammer and sickel.

It makes me sick.


I really shouldn't bash Dean so much. We have a country that is already heading toward socialism. I may as well give up and get a job for the government. They are going to be the only employers soon. Starting a business is increasingly harder as taxes and regulations go up. I give up.

We have President Bush supporting this huge new perscription drug entitlement program purely for political reasons. Sure, I think that we need to help seniors out, but pushing our country closer to socialism is not the answer.

One thing I do like about the "pill bill" is that in several large cities HMO's will be able to compete with medicare for prices. This is a good thing I always found it strange that the government would go after Microsoft for a monopoly, but happily support a large government led monopoly. Competition=lower prices.

Of course Red Nosed Kennedy doesn't support it. Last night while watching some C-Span, I saw him railing against profits, yada yada yada.

These liberals are totally inconsistent. One minute they are upset the economy isn't growing, and they next they are attacking companies for making a profit.

When companies make money, they hire. When they hire, people make money and spend it. When they spend it, the economy grows. When the economy grows, more jobs.

Did these guys even take any economics in school?

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Sleigh Bells Ring

Well, I guess it's fitting that radio stations everywhere are playing Christmas music. We got our first measurable snow last night.

It began as a cold stinging rain, and by 10 pm, I looked out the window to see that our cars were covered by snow.

It also brought about a discussion on what snow does when it accumulates. I, being from the Pennsylvania Coal Region, say snow "sticks".

My wife, from Pittsburgh, says it "lays". Some of our conversations go like this.

"Hmm, it looks like the snow is starting to stick."

"What? Snow doesn't stick, it lays"

"You're crazy, go put some french fries in your sandwich or something"

Backnote: For some reason Pittsburghers love to put french fries in their sandwiches, salad's and everything else. It's crazy. They also talk funny. It drives us Philly people nuts. Give me a Hoagie with Dietz and Watson meats and Amaroso's rolls and we're in heaven.

Well, its great we got snow. I love a white thanksgiving. It reminds me why I love Pennsylvania and would never like a warm place like Florida or something.

That would make too much sense.

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November 24, 2003

News You Can Use

Well, it's Monday, and I am starting a new segment here at the Nap Room.

It's called News You Can Use.

Here I will post some brief news links and items and give a brief comment. Should be fun. Ready? Let's begin.

Let by Teddy "The Rednosed Senator" Kennedy, the perscription drug bill is being stalled in the senate.

I don't mind. I think the bill is bad. The whole medicare system is going bankrupt. So what are the Republicans planning to do? Put more money into it.

Since when did the Republicans become Deomcrats?

It looks like John Muhammad will die. A jury found him guilty last week, and today gave him the death penalty.

Whoo hoo

For all you Cell Phone users out there: You can now take your number with you when you change carriers.

About time dammit.

I already changed carriers to Nextel, and I am quite happy. Push to talk.

And from the "What the Hell files", it appears some chicken ranchers think it's a good idea to dispose of chickens by throwing them into a wood chipper.

I'm going to take a nap. I can't take this kind of shit.

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November 22, 2003

I'm a Cow

You have to click on this link. This is the funniest thing I think I've seen in a while.

Its about "milkophiles".

Well, just take a look. Give it time to load, and press play.

I'm a Cow

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November 21, 2003

Boot's is Made for Walkin'

Well today is the big move day. My lovely wife joins me at our new home. I get to drive to Pittsburgh to get the rest of our belongings. Joy.

I also have to tell you that my newer cat, Boots a Maine Coon, is coming out of his shell. He no longer hides under the bed all day. Instead he has become my third shadow. I saw third because I have a shadow, Nittany Kitty, and Boots.


When I try to work at my desk, Boots sits on my paperwork. Cooing and poking me with his immense paw, begging for attention.

Good ol boots.

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New Blog Showcase Vote

My vote for this week's New Blog Showcase is Eruope Hates America.


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November 20, 2003

Another Glenn Ad

I see that in addition to continual blogging, Glenn Reynolds has been promoting products to improve your life.

It is a little questionable, so I didn't show it in the main post.

This is Glenn's Ad.


What is even more effed up is that this is an actual product.

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I'm Glad I wasn't born stupid

To my previous post, which I posted on blogcritics, I received this truly brainful response.

violence breeds violence, and war breeds war. Even the top western authority on islam has said that the only way we are going to solve the problem is by diplomacy.
Think about it for a minute - there are people prepared to die for their religion, their beliefs. The reasons for this are increased when western nations take military action against people JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE ISLAMISTS
it's just as bad as hudnreds of years ago when the english christians went on a massive cruasade against all who opposed them. Or how the spanish inquisition tortured unbelievers and burned "heretical" books. All this may be in the past but seemingly, we haven't leanrt anything from it, and that is the scariest thing of all.

All I can say is WHAT THE FUCK?

And who the hell is this "western expert on Islam"?

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World War Three

With the attacks in Turkey today, responsibility claimed in part by Al Queda, we have to realize that what we fighting in regards to the war on terror is nothing less that World War Three.

The ability for nations to live free and safe hangs in the balance. On one side you have evildoers who want to destroy democracy, led by people who pervert Islam. On the other side you have the free world, who's desire is to allow people to live free and safe.

Just like on December 7th, 1941, the war was brought to our shores. Unlike on December 7th, the 9-11 attacks targeted commerce and civilians. Nontheless, the global war of terrorism has begun. There is no turning back.

Partisan politics aside, we as a nation have to continue to do something to continue this fight for our way of life. If next year our President is George Bush, may he continue the fight. If next year we elect another leader, I hope he has the fortitude and foresight to see that this is a fight we must win for democratic nations to continue to live free.

We have to remember that this war was never promised to be a quick war. Just like World War 2, this war was expected to be long, bloody, and painful.

Presidnet Bush said so in his speech announcing the war on terrorism.

Now, this war will not be like the war against Iraq a decade ago, with a decisive liberation of territory and a swift conclusion. It will not look like the air war above Kosovo two years ago, where no ground troops were used and not a single American was lost in combat.

Our response involves far more than instant retaliation and isolated strikes. Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign unlike any other we have ever seen. It may include dramatic strikes visible on TV and covert operations secret even in success.

We have to realize that. The world wide peace protesters don't seem to understand this. They demand that we hide our heads and wait to be attacked. We cannot.

I believe that the ability for YOU to live your life, free and safe, hangs in the balance. For the future of us, and for our children. We cannot stop.

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November 19, 2003

Stop Blending Puppies

After hearing that Glenn Reynolds blends puppies, there is a national front to stop this dastardly deed. I thought it was only limited to the blogsphere, but look what I saw while driving around the other day:
Nifty heh?

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Drink Real Beer, Dammit

If you ask most Europeans, they say that American Beer sucks. And, for the most part, it does. The swill that macrobrew companies like Coors, Anheuser Busch, and Miller pass off for beer is hardly beer when compared the the hearty, full bodied beers of Europe. American microbrews are an exception.

Sure, Europe has its share of bad beer too, but even good American Beer is bad Bier.

A carbonated diuretic

Take for instance this low carb beer like Michelob Ultra. This is bascially for people who do not like beer, but just like to pee a lot.

They market it to the health conscience. But if you were really watching your firgure and want a beer for after workouts, you would not drink any beer which contains alcohol which dehydrates.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a Miller High Life occasionally. My favorite everyday beer is Yuengling. All I am saying is that with the proliferation of these low carb and light beers Americans are forgetting what good beer is.

To understand where I am coming from you have to understand the basic ingredients of beer. The basic ingredients of a good beer are: (from most to least)
Malted Barley

By using different "roasts" of malted barley you affect the color and body. Hops imparts aroma and bitterness. And they type of yeast you use along with the type of fermentation also affects the beer's flavor and alcohol content.

An American beer like Budweiser includes: (from most to least)
Rice or Corn
Malted Barley

They use the rice or corn to impart a sweeter flavor, and to keep costs down. The difference is great. Imagine making soup with non-fat turkey broth compared to homemade chicken stock. You get the point.

So as you go to a bar, for a change, order something exotic. Order a microbrew, order a beer from Germany. Or if you are really adventerous, try a beer from Belgium, probably the best beer makers in the world.

Overall, enjoy beer, It's liquid bread afterall.

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A long, short trip

I can't write much this morning, I have to head to Philly for a meeting.

In the meantime, give Joe at A Short Strange Trip a look see.

It's better than reading writings of trolls.

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November 18, 2003

Mac Diva, Troll of

Diva and her Friend As my blog buddy, Robbie Port from Say Anything has found out, there are trolls out there. People who look for posts they disagree with, and then hit you with hurtful attacks. These are trolls. And queen troll is Mac Diva. Just look up Mac Diva in Google for Fun Oh, her IP is

Mac Diva took it personal that I said that there was a racial problem when, in Philly, the black mayor gets 98% of the black vote. I thought there was something fishy.

Like Rob, I began posting on Blog Critics as a way to kill some time, and hopefully increase traffic to my site. Unlike Rob, I skipped straight to the red meat, and posted nice conservative thoughts.

One particular Blogger, Mac Diva, really hates conservatives. She trolls the posts waiting for a conservative viewpoint. She then springs into action, posting personal ad hominem attacks at the writer.

She makes fun of your blog, and if you have low readership, she makes fun of that. The strange thing is, is that she has her sitemeter counts locked so YOU cannot see how much she gets read, and she doesn't appear to be listed on The Truth Laid Bear. Talk about trolling.

Rob had his own run in with Mac Diva.

You can read about his Mac Diva run ins there.

Or, you can read her trolling on on my entries here

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Allah is Evil and Must Die

Islam is a dirty, evil religion. It isn't reallly supposed to be, it is contorted and bastardized to be so. In its current form it promotes hatred toward other religions, it puts down women, and allows terrorism. We are supposed to accept it as a suppodily loving religion.


From Knight Ridder News

ABU QASH, West Bank - Rofayda Qaoud - raped by her brothers and impregnated - refused to commit suicide, her mother recalls, even after she bought the unwed teenager a razor with which to slit her wrists. So Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud says she did what she believes any good Palestinian parent would: restored her family's "honor" through murder.

Armed with a plastic bag, razor and wooden stick, Qaoud entered her sleeping daughter's room last Jan. 27. "Tonight you die, Rofayda," she told the girl, before wrapping the bag tightly around her head. Next, Qaoud sliced Rofayda's wrists, ignoring her muffled pleas of "No, mother, no!" After her daughter went limp, Qaoud struck her in the head with the stick.

Qaoud's confessed crime, for which she must appear before a three-judge panel on Dec. 3, is one repeated almost weekly among Palestinians living in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel. Female virtue and virginity define a family's reputation in Arab cultures, so it's women who are punished if that reputation is perceived as sullied.

Look into the face of evil.

Do you honestly believe that Islam is a great loving, happy religion?
Do you really think so? People who are right now protesting Bush and
calling him evil are the true evil people. Where are they when this
kind of thing is going on?
Where are they when Sadaam starves orphans to death and cuts out
tounges of people who disagree with him?

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Cat Fights

Let me start off by saying the only cat fight I DO like is one in a bar, between a blonde and a redhead.

I do not, however, like the feline kind.

Well we have our new cat Boots, the big 25 pounder who was raised in a house with 5 other cats. He is used to cats, and should be able to adapt.

Then there is little Nittany. This 7 pound cat likes to torment "Big Boy" (as I calll him), by swatting at his tail while he eats and his head while he uses the litter box.

Boots, being the nice guy he is, took it for so long. But he finally realized that he outweights the Nittany Cat by about 3-1, so he would use this to his advantage.

So, after cornering Nittany, and after some back and forth hissing and growling, he moved in for the attack. Now, I am always there to break it up, drawn by growls and knowing I must stop these fights so the two can eventually at least tolerate each other.

I think part of it is they both follow me around the house, cooing and meowing for my attention, and like little children can't stand being second fiddle to daddy.


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November 17, 2003

I'm Really Getting Sick of These Assholes

First off, there are like 2,500 police officers guarding President Bush in England this week. A lot of Britons are saying this is overkill, but I think that a lot of this is just desserts for some of the hateful speech aimed at President Bush. Speech that can insight people to do Bush harm.

According the to UK Independent, the mayor of London has called Bush the greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen. The policies he is initiating will doom us to extinction.

Mr Livingstone, who is holding a "peace party" for anti-war groups in City Hall tomorrow, added: "I don't formally recognise George Bush because he was not officially elected. So we are organising an alternative reception for everybody who is not George Bush."

How nice, they are the ones telling us about democracy? They still have a fucking monarch for chrissakes!!

He said he supported stronger links between European Union countries only because he wanted to see a powerful bloc emerge to rival the United States. The American agenda is sweeping everything before it, and although it's not perfect, the EU is better on environmental issues. It's a less rapacious form of capitalism."

Translation: "Too bad Communism is dying, socialism is our best hope"

I am getting sick of these hairy armpitted shitheads who don't know how to use toothbrushes telling us what is good for the world. Until the United States was a world power Europe was ass raping their own sisters while getting pillaged by the Germans. America is Earth's salvation!!

They also have called Bush a racist. Bush is trying to free people from opression and slavery. THEY are saying that they can't obtain the dreams of democracy.

And also, weren't WE the ones who had four 757s crashed by hijackers?

I say fuck them, and fuck any counry which doesn't thave the 50 stars and 13 red and white stripes in its flag.

Two Britons smile for the camera

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What to say

Christmas time is coming, and I am glad for it. I always loved Christmas. Too bad though it's not later in the winter.

In the cold dark days of winter, it's nice to have a warm comforting holiday. Thanksgiving next week is the beginning of a fun holiday season.

Being a Christmas Tree Grower, of course I enjoy the season. I look forward to the smell of Christmas trees, wood burning in my wood stove, and my drinking my Wife's special recipe hot chocolate.

I am getting excited. Woo Hoo.

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Master of My Domain

Last night I saw "Master and Commander: The Far Side of The World". This story revolves centers around Capt. Jack Aubrey and ship's surgeon Stephen Maturin. Aubrey played by Crowe and Stephen Maturin played by Paul Bettany.

The main plot is that this smallish British ship, the HMS Surprise, is ordered to follow and engage the larger, faster, and stronger French Ship Acheron.

This movie is far better than any recent sailing movies, ie Pirates of the Carribean. As older movies before them, this movie relies heavily on plot, acting, and good movie making. The seagoing scenes were shot some on an actual ship at sea as well as the ocean tank used in the movie Titanic.

I really enjoyed this movie. Russel Crowe, though sometimes a thug, proves that he is one of todays classiest action heros on par with old time greats like Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster.

Give this movie a look see.

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November 16, 2003

Check out this Putz

Showing that Liberals are totally out of whack with society, along comes the Treason On-Line Blog.

This guy spouts all the typical anti-conservative jargon from short of calling us Nazis to being against democracy. He also seems to delight at every bad thing that happens in this country.

He actually enjoys when Americans lose their jobs because it promotes his idealism of higher taxes and bigger government.

He also calls Bush's court nominees like Janice Rodgers Brown "Reactionary". I guess actually having read the constitution is reactionary. I guess if you want to suck the brains out of a newborn's skull, you are in the mainstream.


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November 15, 2003

Earthly Passions

Check out Mark over at Earthly Passions. It's a very beautifully designed blog, with great content. Give Mark a look see please.

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November 14, 2003

Paris Hilton

Just in case you haven't heard, heir to the Hilton hotel fortune, and total nympho, Paris Hilton is addicted to sex. She likes sex, and loves to video tape them. Well, it wasn't long until they showed up on the internet.

If you are curious, use your Windows Media Player and open this file

Just in case you are curious.

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Our New Child

Yesterday I adopted a new cat. This purebred Maine Coon Cat was up for adoption after his old caretakers died. He is 2 1/2 years old, and is very nice.

His name is Boots.

boots2.jpg boots1.jpg
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My vote for this week's new blog showcase is for Ruminations in Korea and the post A Blessing and A Curse.

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November 13, 2003

Justice Moore no More


MONTGOMERY, Ala. — An Alabama judicial panel Thursday removed Chief Justice Roy Moore and rejected his argument that he was upholding his oath when he ignored a federal court order to move a Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building.

"This court hereby orders that Roy S. Moore be removed from his position as chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama," said Presiding Judge William Thompson. "The chief justice showed no signs of contrition for his actions."

Though I agree that God should have a place in our society, I think that Justice Moore acted wrong. A federal judge ruled that his Ten Commandments statue be removed. Though I disagreed with the decision, it was the law. In order for the law to be upheld, all laws, even laws deem to be wrong must be upheld. If he sentenced a bigamist to jail for having more than one wife, and the guy quoted morman texts, he would be found in contempt. We have to hold all people equally under the law.

When the decision to out Justice Moore was read, I did bother me. But to be truly intelectually honest, I have to agree that it was the right thing to do. Making him a Chief Justice and religious doesn't give him the right to this kind of civil disobedience.

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Ted Kennedy is a fat alcoholic murderer

The senate yesterday embarked on a 30 hour talkfest, led by senate Republicans who were dismayed at Senate Democrats who are using the filibuster to block several Bush court nominees.

Republicans were pressing votes to break the Democratic blockade of three pending Bush nominees: California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown, nominated for the nation's second most powerful court, the Appeals Court for the D.C. Circuit; Carolyn Kuhl, nominated to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals; and Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen, chosen for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. 

According the the Constitution, only a simple majority is needed to approve judges. These judges would have all been approved on a simple up and down vote, but were never given the chance. Democrats refused to allow cloture for the votes to take place. Left wingers like Chuck Schumer, Robert Byrd, and Ted Kennedy have led the charge against these judges.

"The American people, when they realize that we have approved 169 judges and blocked four — four of those out of the mainstream — they are going to say, 'What is all the fuss about?'" said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.

Well, this doesn't tell the whole story that until the Senate was shifted to Republican rule, that number was much lower. Many judges weren't even brought up for discussions.

The Senate is too damned cordial. Do you want to know how I would deal with it? If I was senator, I would get up and say:

"He assholes!! Read the fucking constitution!! 51 votes, not 60. I don't want to be told what is inside the mainstream by fat drunken murderers like Ted or cuntface carpetbaggers like Hillary. Vote of the fucking judges!!!!"

It isn't Capraesque, but it gets to the point heh?

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November 12, 2003

Guest Blogging

I was invited by Rob over at Say Anything to fill in for him till Monday while he is away on business. I will be posting there as well as here starting tomorrow. So if you don't see your 'red meat' here go over to Say Anything and look for it there.

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My new AIM

I forgot my old AIM, so I reregistered. If you want to contact me its

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A United Nations Mottto

Over at The Alliance, they are running a weekly caption contest. This week's theme, A motto for the United Nations

Here is my motto: "United Nations: Endorsed by Jimmy Carter"


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Survivor, the Blog Wars

Head on over to the Blog Survivor Challenge and vote for you favorite blog entry. The topic of this immunity challenge is "Rachel Lucas, Come Back!!"

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Mouse in the House

Its 6:21 am or something like it, why am I posting so early? Well, a mouse in the attic woke me and Nittany up.

I was in bed, just having gotten back in it after giving Nittany her early morning snack and I heard this "pita pita pita pita pita" sound coming from the attic. Of course being the good mouser that she is, Nittany's ears perked up and was suddenly totally alert. Darting from wall to wall, she tried to follow the sound of the mouse. The trouble is, when she followed the sound she ran over my face twice. Now, it's bad enough hearing a mouse when you are trying to sleep, but then to have a non-declawed cat continually run over your face when you are trying to sleep is another thing.

So, I cam downstairs, set the timer on my coffee maker for a little later this morning, and put some wood in the wood stove so it will be even toastier when I come downstairs to my office to work later today.

I'm off to bed now. Priority one today, in addition to getting a new driver's liscense photo will be to set a nice trap for said mouse. There will be no more mouse in the house!!

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November 11, 2003

Pizza Dreams or "Seeing your Ancestors"

Over at Pizza Dreams Statia talks about why her blog is called Pizza Dreams.

She said pizza dreams are basically messed up dreams which are caused by eating late. My grandmother used to call it "Seeing your ancestors" as in
"Don't eat pickled hot bologna before going to bed, you'll see your ancestors"

Anyways. Take a visit to Pizza Dreams.

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I am lazy

I was looking around at other people's About Me pages, and I noticed they are much nicer than mine. It's not that I can't do nice stuff, its just that I am lazy, and tired. I've been on-line with a web-site in one way or another since about 1994.

I am fucking ancient in on-line times. I remember when I thought tables were cool. When Netscape 3 came out and could read frames, I was like whoah.

One of these days I will a new about me page.

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DSL has arrived

DSL has arrived. I love my Mac, after reading the seven pages of installation guide for Windows I love what it has for instructions for installing the DSL on OS X:

1. Open System Preference
2. Select "Network"
3. Select "Built In Ethernet"


Speaking of the MAC, Time has done a litttle blurb on Apple's iTunes and the iPod, naming the former as one of the coolest inventions of the year. I have to agree. It is simple to use, and works great with the very cool iPod.

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November 10, 2003

John Kerry Increased unemployment

From AP reports:

Sen. John Kerry, trying to jump-start his ailing bid for the Democrats' presidential nomination, has fired his campaign manager, sources said Monday.

Kerry released a statement saying that he made a change, that campaign manager Jim Jordan's job was being given to veteran Democrat operative Mary Beth Cahill.

Funny, I thought Deocrats were against unemployment. When he announced his entry into the campaign he said

"If Americans aren't working, America's not working," he said. (CNN, Tuesday, September 2, 2003

With Kerry firing his campaign manager he has done more to personally increase the rolls of unemployment than anything Bush has done.

Bush has actually increased take home pay for millions of Americans. Kerry just eats Philly Cheesesteaks with swiss cheese and Heinz Ketchup.

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I love tax nazis

This probably made news out your way. There is his 80 year old woman who missed ONE payment of $572 for her local property taxes. The school district then forclosed on her property and sold her farm house and 41 acres, appraised at $800,000 for $15,000 to a developer who plans to develop it into a residential development.

From the Harrisburg Patriot News

"Her farm means everything to her," Arndt said. "It's life and death to her. She won't move off of it. She's been offered one million bucks for it and she refused."

Arndt, who is heir to his aunt's property, said the sale was "morally and legally" flawed and that an elderly woman should not be expected to understand the legal process. He said he has tried to explain to her what has transpired. "She understands that something terrible is about to happen and that I'm going to do something about it," he said.

Arndt said he worries that other older homeowners could lose their homes in a similar fashion. "We need to make this known to the public and we need to get the legislators in on this," he said. "There are other people who have to be protected."

This is fishy to me. I do know that sheriff's sales are allowed and used to collect delinquent taxes, but I suggest that there is more to the story. If you have a single elderly woman living in a single house on 41 acres you will not be collecting as much in property taxes compared to how much you can collect on 41 homes on 1 acre each.

This is about tyranny of local asshat politicians. These two-bit nothing school board members want to throw this woman out of her home for $572? This is almost as bad as when governments use eminent domain to steal private property to build developments because it will increase the tax revenue.

I've had run-ins with small town tax fuckheads, and I can tell you that sometimes things get messed up. To steal her house is wrong. If something like that happened to me, I know I would bring hell with me. Not only would I burn the house down rather than let them do this, I would sit in the bushes with my 30-30 if you get my drift.

This totally wrong.

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Gore is againt big government?

It looks like Al Gore is against a "Big Brother" government:
WASHINGTON (AP) - Former Vice President Al Gore accused President Bush on Sunday of failing to make the country safer after the Sept. 11 attacks and using the war against terrorism as a pretext to consolidate power.

"They have taken us much farther down the road toward an intrusive, 'big brother'-style government - toward the dangers prophesied by George Orwell in his book '1984' - than anyone ever thought would be possible in the United States of America," Gore charged.

Hmmmm. Isn't Al Gore a supporter of welfare programs like Welfare while pushing for socialized healthcare. By the way, right now a growing mantra to support socialized healthcare is that "Every industrialized country in the world but the U.S.A has one." Well aren't we the only industrialized country that is the sole world power? hmmmmm. I guess socialism doesn't promote prosperity. Anyways....

Gore also went on to say that we are no safer now, and that President Bush has done nothing to increase security.
He also said the administration still has "no serious strategy" for domestic security - charging that there aren't sufficient protections in place for ports, nuclear facilities, chemical plants and other key infrastructure.

What did him and bubba do for 8 freakin years? They had attacks on the USS Cole, our embassy's and had evidence of terrorism threats and they did nothing? What is his policy to do nothing during his tenure and then blame his predecessor for not fixing the problem he created?

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November 09, 2003

Do me a favor.

As my readership is still down slightly after my move, (I guess people didn't follow me here) I would kindly ask that you treat Monday as Invite a friend to take a nap day.

The purpose of this day is to introduce them to my web-site and make me feel better about myself. I sometimes need ego boosts. Just invite one person who enjoys reading blogs to go to my site, and it will make my day.

Do it or I will sell some puppies to Glenn Reynolds along with a new Waring Blender.

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The moon

I took this picture with my Sony digital camera last night during the full lunar eclipse. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it's not too bad.

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November 08, 2003

Stop big brother

In a total afront to liberties, police conduced a drug sweep at Stratford High School High School. According to WISTV 10 from Columbia South Carolina the raids were meant to deter drug use and were specifically looking for Marijuana:

(Goose Creek) Nov. 7, 2003 - Students in Goose Creek say they were minding their own business early Wednesday when 14 police officers burst into Stratford High School with guns drawn.

Police dogs indicated the presence of drugs in 12 bookbags. One student was handcuffed as a result, while his backpack was searched.

No drugs were found and no arrests were made.

Goose Creek Police Department Lt. Dave Aarons says proper procedure was followed, "Some of the officers had their gun drawn in the low ready position, which is not pointing at the faces or heads of the students. It was down in a position where had somebody who had drugs on them and in fear of being caught makes a poor decision and decides to use a weapon as means of escape, we would be able to address that."

When are the powers at be going to realize that these kind of Stalinist tactics do not work. All they do is promote fear and contempt for authority.

Another case is the so called "Sobriety Checkpoints". These clear violations on our 4th and 5th amendment rights do little to deter drunk driving and net about a 2% arrest rate. Hitler and Stalin used these tactics looking for Jews or political foes.

Sure, I want a safe place to live. I want safe roads, but to paraphrase Ben Franklin. Those who are willing to give up liberties for a little security deserve neither liberty or security.

We have to stand up to these thugs. These bullies with badges and tell them when they ask what we are doing we tell them
"None of your fucking business"
About to get my constitutional rights infringed

The same assholes who think its unconstitutional to stop partial birth abortion think its fine to ban guns, and have these "Checkpoints"

Today its, "Have you been drinking?" Tomorrow it may as well be "Papers Please?"

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The Fire Down Below

There is an interesting place about a half hour from my home. It is the town of Centralia. The interesting thing about this town is that it is a true ghost town. The reason it is a ghost town is even more interesting. It is directly over a mine fire.

This little town was like any town in the early sixties. A small community town. They even had a little pit outside of town where they burned their garbage. The only trouble was the pit sat directly on a vein of Anthricite coal which was exposed. The garbage fire lit the coal, and the rest is history.

As late as the 1980s the town was still thriving. Sure there was the ocasional cave in, or death by carbon-monoxide poisining, but people where happy. See the picture, see how happy the place looks

Well doing what governments do, they decided to relocate Centralia and offered to buy the town out. It was no longer safe in town, especially when the temperature in the gas tanks at the local gas station was reading in the mid 100s in January.

The town is now mostly abandoned. Route 61 now bypasses the town. All the trees in town are dead, and they only thing left is a house and a cycle shop. It is very freaky since all the roads are still there.

Smoke rises from cracks in pavement, and the place has a smell of sulfer. It is like the aftermath of a bad war, or maybe where the devil spends his summers.

It is a strange place indeed, and if you get to eastern PA, take a trip to Centralia and see the famous mine fire.

For more reading visit

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November 07, 2003

The Matrix has me

I got to see The Matrix: Revolutions last night. I was both in awe and a little disappointed. I was mainly disappointed because it lacked a lot of the gravity defying matrix located fight scenes like the previous two movies, but was in awe at its special effects and philosophical insights.

I will give no spoilers here, but if you aren't planning on attending the movie, and email me, I will give up the goods.

I really appreciate the real life characters in Zion. They go beyond gender and race stereotypes and show a world truly color and sex-blind, something I hope can exist. You see, it isn't about saying "I'm Black, and I'm proud and different", its saying "We are all humans, we we are all the same".

I have to say Jada Pinkett Smith is one sexy woman. In this movie she is strong, yet feminine, and has a commanding sensual presence which is lacking in movies with women in the role of action hero.

I enjoyed the movie, and its effects. One strange part though, and I thought it was very powerful.

When Neo and Trinity are flying to the machine city, and fly high to escape the sentinels they fly above the clouds into bright sunshine. We see the hovercraft in the full brillliance of the Sun, and Trinity and Neo, for the first time, see the Sun with their real eyes.

I enjoyed the move for different reasons than the previous two. I am happy and sad with the outcome of the move, for reasons which may be known to those of you who have seen it.

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November 05, 2003

League of Liberals

A nasty place on the web is the League of Liberals. As a public service to them, I am going to help them write a tagline for their blog.
Here it comes

"Fighting neo-cons like Karl Marx and Vladimir Lennin with truth about the greatness of socialism."

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Number 9 Dream

Dreams are strange things. I often remember my dreams which are usually vivid, colorful, and strange to say the least.

A quite often reoccurring dream of mine is where I have a dream within a dream. In my dream I am dreaming. Weird

Or sometimes I have a dream about water and almost drowning. They suck.

Dreams like that make no sense, and I think it's just my subconscious mind debugging itself.

Last night I had a dream where I was trapped at the top of this scaffold, and I couldn't get down, because I was too scared of heights to try. So instead I watched The Matrix Revolutions in a fishtank(The Fishtank was the TV). It was a weird movie. Neo was fat with a mullet and drank Budweiser and sang at weddings.

Actually, in retrospect, I think my dream was more like The Matrix Wedding Singer. If Neo took a job as a 80s wedding singer, I have the perfect screenplay.

Now, I can see The Matrix part of my dream. I am looking forward to seeing the move. But what's with the high scaffold? And why was I watching the movie in a fish tank.

Another dream I have often is where I get a call from my university telling me I missed some classes, and I have to go back to college to get my degree. I had a weird twist on it the other night. I had a dream where I got a call from my high school and they said I missed a class. I tried to explain that I had a BA from Penn State and that how would I need to go back to high school if I had a college degree.

Dreams are fun. Sleep is boring. I think dreams is your brain's way to keep you occupied while you sleep. Just like a movie on a long flight. Dreams are your insleep special feature.

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November 04, 2003

Phuck Philly

The hate-monger racist, corrupt mayor of Philly, John Street, has won re-election. Helped actually by an FBI bug which he used to accuse his rival, Republican Sam Katz, of racism. Talk about calling the kettle black (no pun intended). When he was elected 4 years ago Street spoke to his supporters and said "The brothers and sisters are in control of this city!!"

I seriously doubt that if Katz won the election he would say something like, "it's about time we kicked darkie out the door."

It just shows the shallowness of the Democratic party that they would use the accusations of racism to win electoins. The sad thing is the elecorate bought it. Blacks came out in extremely strong numbers supporting Street.

Where was this anger when their beloved Democrats Filibustered numerous minority candidates for judicial offices like Janice Rogers Brown?

Well goodbye vibrant Philly. Well under Street for the past 4 years Philly taxes have gone up, businesses have left the city, the population has decreased, and crime and blight has increased.

I guess black people in Philly like when little kids are killed in the crossfire of gang shootings, at least they didn't elect evil racist Sam Katz.

I won't be going to Philly soon. The city is not what it was when Democrat Ed Rendell left it 4 years ago. He left it in great shape. He was a tremendous mayor (see I can be nice to a Democrat).

The corruption of Street is amazing. What is even more amazing is that the electorate bought his lies and deception.

Goodbye vibrant Philly.

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I have a dark fucked up sense of humor

I don't know why I think Edward Gorey stuff is so funny.

The GashlyCrumb Tinies Explained

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Grand Funk Railroaded

I am in a writing funk. I originally started writing my blog as a way, being the angry white male which I am, to vent, rant and yell about shit. I basically wanted to be a cat loving version of the Anti-Iodiotarian Rotweilller. But somehow a pissed off kitten doesn't seem as scary as a foaming at the mouth attack dog.

Now, it seems that I am softening up in my old age. I am starting to be affected by reading other less harsh blogs like Anger Management, now semi-retired Rachel Lucas, and H's land of whips and honey(Everyday Stranger).

I still like the read meat frequently, but I am getting tired being the angry young man.

I want you to help humble blog writer. What do you want to see more of. Humerous stories and insights or angry posts dripping with red meat?

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For some reason my archives are not my own. For some reason my archives are H's. What is happening to me!! AHAHAH

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How Evil are you?

I am across this web-site. It tells you how evil your web-site is.

I am 31% evil.


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Black people love the KKK

Racism is alive and doing well in America. I am not racist, you are probably not, most white people I know are not. It is a majority of Blacks, led by their "leaders" who are the ones who are racist.

People like Louis Farrakhan from the Nation of Islam and Jesse Jackson of Rainbow Push are hate mongers, constantly stirring up trouble. When they see something they don't like they throw the accusations of "Racism!"

In Philadelphia there is a great polarizing election for mayor. Current mayor John Street is running against white businessman Sam Katz. Under Street's management Philadelphia is in the toilet. Street is beholdent to the Unions and special interests. Crime is up, taxes are high, and businesses are leaving Philadelphia for areas like King of Prussia, Camden, and Lewes Deleware.

When the previous mayor Ed Rendell, currently the Democrat Governor, left the city it was in great shape. A huge surplus, strong growth, and low crime. Because of that bad leadership, Street was way behind in the polls. Then the bombshell. Street discovered an FBI bug in his office. The FBI confirmed that he is indeed a target of a corruption investigation. Instead of hurting his campaign, Street's numbers surged. He is now about 20 points ahead in the polls.

At speaking engagements to mostly black audiences he accused the FBI (who by the way got the wiretap and bug approved by a liberal black judge who was nominated by Jimmy Carter) and Sam Katz of being racist.

Now Philadelphia is highly polarized. Polls show about 90% of blacks will vote for Street, and about 80% of whites will vote for Katz. This all came about because Street stood up there and accused the FBI, Katz, and the Bush administration of going after him because he is black.

This polarization is not driven by white groups like the KKK, but by mainstream black community leaders who love to throw the race card at adandon whenever it suits them.

When you disagree with leaders like this they say it is not because you disagree with their policies and practices but is because of their skin.

All that is missing is a white hood on Street's head.

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November 03, 2003

God is my Hero

I am conflicted. I am not really religious. But I do see the point of religion. I think religion brings many good virtues to the table. For the most part, judeo-christian religions preach tolerance, patience, love, and caring for your fellow man.

Even though I am not personall religious, I do get offended when courts try to intervene and remove any traces of religiousousity from daily life. I don't find offense with "In God We Trust" on our coinage, nor do I mind when students recite the pledge with references to God in it.

As a spiritual, though non religous person, I think that God has a part in daily life. The teachings of a higher being promote love and tolerance, and nothing bad can come from that.

The likes of Michael Newdow and his crusade against all things spiritual is insulting. Removing a catalyst for positive morality is wrong. Even though I am not relighous, I can acknowledge the importance of a set of codes which promotes tolerance, love, and compassion for your fellow man.

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I love to boogie

Call me Disco Stu. I like Disco Music. I don't know if it is because of the camp factor, or the upbeat tempo, but I like Disco. I also like Classic Rock from the 60s and 70s. I don't know what group I would be in if I lived in the 70s. Would I be a disco guy, or would I have worn a disco sucks button.

Whenver I go out to a bar, and I am gettin down, I always prefer to do so to Disco Music. It is very fun. On my honeymoon my wife and I went to 8 Traxx at Pleasure Island where we danced to The O'Jays, the Bee Gees, and ABBA.

It isn't great music, its not Mozart, Bach, or Mussorgsky, but it is fun, and that what music is supposed to be; Fun.

I may sound like a Bob Seeger song, but today's music doesn't have the same soul. So much of today's music is preprogrammed pop. Look at Brittany Spears and The Backstreet Boys, among others. I doubt that they can even play a musical instrument, let alone read Bass, Treble, or Tenor Clef.

I am no virtuoso, but I can play Tuba or Baritone. I also can read treble enough to hack on the Piano.

What's the point of this post. Nothing, I just had nothing else to say. Today was more or less a test in free association posting.

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