May 31, 2006

Insurance Fraud

I know insurance fraud is wrong and all, but for some reason when I see these Insurance companies' comercials against insurance fraud, I don't feel any sympathy for them. I know it's anti business of me, but I feel they rip you off if they could. I know they have tons of lawyers thinking of ways to get out of paying your claim, whether it's car, home, or health.

What they are basically doing is making it so frightening for you to even submit a claim for fear of prosecution.

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It's been hot as a mother fucker here lately. Yesterday it was 95 degrees, and today should be very little different. It's especially bad when last week it was 50 degrees. That swing in temperature can't be good for you.

Right now I'm away on business, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the weather.

And in two weeks we are going on vacation to Niagara Falls. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for going there, I'd appreciate it.

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May 25, 2006

Glenn Beck Sucks

Why I ever listened to this hack, is beyond me. I used to considered a sick freak. I even shelled out $6.95 a month for his insider. I was a huge fan. What a waste. He is a horrible radio personality, he is a hypocrite, and not funny. Plus he plays awful promos on his show. They are a year old, and they suck. I hope he fails at his awful TV show. I can't stand to listen to him anymore.

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My Space isn't yours

Why do people love Myspace so much. I hear about people saying they are addicted to Myspace. What I don't understand is why it is so popular. Sure, I have a myspace account, but more to just keep tabs on friends from far away, or some family, but I don't have the time or energy to spend hours on Myspace.

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May 22, 2006

A review

I saw The DaVinci Code. It was pretty good. Now, it wasn't acadamy award winning movie, but it was pretty good. Better than most that have been coming out in recent months, or years for that matter. It was enjoyable, fun, and entertaining, and that is all I want from a movie.

Though I read in the paper that people were protesting it like mad, but I think those people are crazy. They interviewed them. None of the protestors read the book, or plan on seeing the movie. They are doing it because their parish priests told them. In effect, they illustrate some of the points of the book by their actions.

I guess they don't understand the concept of "fiction".

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May 19, 2006

The DaVinvi Code and Choosing a Church

So, I'm going to see the DaVinci Code this weekend. Actually today. I'm going to see the Matinee with my wife and father. It should be pretty cool. I know most Catholics are foaming at the mouth that a book would dare question the Catholic Church. I say Fuckem!

Many say it is Blasphemous to the church. I say that is wrong to put your belief in God in the hands of a church. For me, it's not that big a deal what deonination I belong to. Right no my wife and I are deciding which church to belong to. We tried UCC, Methodis, Roman Catholic (by defualt because we had to go to a first communion), and soon to try a Lutheran. We are leaning toward the United Methodist Church. The people are nice, I like the songs, and they do a good job making you feel comfortable. My wife, though, was a life-long Lutheran, and wants to try out the church near us.

I'm willing to accomodate becasue I'm not so much hung up on categorizing our beliefe in God by putting a label on which church we attend. Belief in God should be a private experience through you and God, without a someone stepping in and filling your head with ritual. And if you ever attended a Catholic Church, which I did for the first 14 years of my life, then you know what I mean. I much prefer my church to act as a guide in my private spiritual journey.

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May 15, 2006

A libertarian article

I came across this article while looking for news on the iminiate demise of the Glenn Beck Television program. It is about a libertarian, and his run-in with the Glenn Beck radio program.

Read the original article here.

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May 12, 2006

Fried Spam

Lately I've been into eating spam. I know spam is a food that everyone loves to hate, but if done right, it is quite tasty. I especially like it fried with eggs, potatoes, and toast. But it has to be fried medium brown, browned nice and tasty.

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The DaVinci Adventure

Well, I didn't see Posieden yet, it is only out today, but I did see the 1972 original, and that is enough upside down ships for me. Though I am really looking forward to The DaVinci Code.

Why do they remake movies that are classics anyways? Poseiden will suck, as did the remake of Flight of the Phoenix.

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May 10, 2006

Cops and their gadgets

Why do cops love to use their tazers. Everytime I see them on COPS or some other show, I think they get off of on their powers.

I can see sometimes they need to use them, but I don't know. I just don't want them to get off on thier power that's all.

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May 07, 2006

Bonds hits 713

Barry Bonds has hit HR # 713. Who cares. If it wasn't for the needle he takes in his butt every day, he would be playing AA ball.

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May 02, 2006

Let's boycott them

I am not anti-immigrant. I do think that we need to revamp our immigration laws to allow people who want to come here to do so more easily. But having people come here illegally is wrong, and with the "Day without immigrants" yesterday, it angered me that many in the Hispanic community would brazenly demand things that are reserved for citizens. Plus they are arrogant.

If they want to boycott us, let'ss boycott them. Any establishmet owned by a hispanic who participatd in the boycott we should boycott.

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May 01, 2006

Gas Prices are about right

The whole furor over the price of gasoline has gotten out of hand and
is being caused less by actual high gas prices, but more by a populace
ignorant of basic economics and of science.

Forget the fact that gasoline, adjusted for inflation, is not that
expensive. We have been paying too low a price for oil for a long time.
During the 90's when gas was about 99 cents a gallon, it was mainly
because of collapses in Asian economies With the current rise of China
and India as world powers and energy consumers, we are now paying
proper prices for gasoline.

Another reason for the recent sudden spikes in oil prices is because of
government meddling in requiring Ethanol be added to all gasoline.

Ethanol is worthless fuel additive. It's wasteful, expensive, and
basicly just a subsidy for corn farmers.

If you take into account costs of growing and harvesting corn,
producing and transporting the ethanol, ethanol uses more energy to
produce than we get from it. People think Ethanol is the answer. It is
actually worse for the environment and more expensive.

According to a recent Business Week article, Ethanol costs about 6
units of energy to produce for every unit it produces. Ethanol cannot
be transported through pipelines, and must be transported via truck.
This takes away trucks which would normally be delivering gasoline to
filling stations, reducing gasoline supplies and using fuel itself,
further adding to the cost of what you pay at the pump.

So if you combine a knowledge of basic economics and science, you can
clearly see who the real culprit is for our "outrageous" gas prices.

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