May 31, 2004

King of Kings

From Attache Magazine: TWICE EVERY BUSINESS day since 1911, something happens at Philadelphia’s old Wanamaker department store the likes of which never happen anywhere else. To many shoppers, it’s familiar and soothing. Others find it impossibly mysterious. It’s enough to draw visitors from other states and countries. It has left some in tears. And no, it’s not a sale.

Rather, twice a day, a small switch is thrown behind an unmarked door on the second-level mezzanine, powering up the blowers and feeding pressurized air into the wind chests and allowing the keys on the nearby console to summon the celestial voices of thousands upon thousands of pipes. This is to say, it’s showtime for the Wanamaker pipe organ.

For reference, consider: The organ in Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral boasts some 8,000 pipes; the Sydney Opera House, around 10,000. The Mormon Tabernacle’s pipe organ in Salt Lake City shakes it congregants with the power of 11,623 pipes. And the Wanamaker? It has no fewer than 28,482 pipes. Some of them are 32 feet long. Some are big enough for a child to crawl through. There are so many pipes that the deep, sugar-pine chambers that house them (concealed behind ornamental grilles in the court’s south wall) stretch seven stories up to the roof.



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May 28, 2004

This aint no rag, it's a flag!

All I have to say is that I am prepared to defend my little patch of America, and Old Glory too!

That is me and my Remington 1100 12 ga. semi-auto shotgun. Nicely disguised on my hip is my Glock 17, ready for draw cross arm.

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Conspiracy Theories

Susie over at Practical Penumbra pointed out the crazy lies and conspiracy theories of the left evidenced by the lunacy of Elderbear

In short here are typical conspiracies thought of by the left, followed by the truth.
Mr. Bush allowed Iraq to become a distraction from the war on terrorism.

First off, he's the President, show some respect asshole. It's President Bush, or Mr. President.

Unlike any other war in history, this war isn't a way against any particular country, or leadership. It is against terrorism. Terrorism is able to continue because of the facist regimes which perpetrate lies about America and western culture. When people are oppressed, they will do evil things. Evidence: Hitler's Germany.

Iraq is one phase of the war on terrorism. Having a stable western-friendly Islamic democracy in the middle-east will create a stable place for freedom to spread, and through freedom stability and peace will be sure to follow.

Mr. Bush lied to the American people and the world about the threat posed by Iraq.

President Bush never said that Iraq was an imminent threat. He said we should act before Iraq became a threat. He said Iraq is a gathering storm. And I guess since Bush lied, so did Mr. Kerry, President Clinton, Vice-President Al Gore. All of them called for Iraq disarmarment and the removal of Hussein as recently as 2000.

Mr. Bush has instituted policies that destroy the freedoms of Americans.

No freedoms are being destroyed. I still come and go as I please. I still own a gun, sleep in, and do everything I've done before 9/11. No freedoms are being destroyed. Unless you count the freedoms of non-American citizens who wish to destroy our culture, then yes, "freedoms" have been destroyed.

Mr. Bush has de-emphasized solving the Israeli-Palestinian quagmire

President Bush has done the right thing. Palestine is lead by Hammas and other terrorist groups. Hammas does not want to co-exist with Israel, they want Israel destroyed. Terrorists only know force, and by allowing Israel to deal with Palestine as a security threat it will ensure a more secure Isreal, a democracy and a true friend in the middle-east.

If elected, Mr. Bush can be counted on to continue a policy of international beligerence, thus strengthening the terrorist call to action.

President Bush is not beligerent. He is defending the United States in the manner outlined in his job description. His job description does not mean getting permission from the corrupt waste-of-space United Nations.

This same United Nations with their corrupted "Oil For Food" program where countries like France, Germany, and Russia had sweet deals with Iraq for purchasing their oil. No wonder those were the three countries which opposed our Iraq policy.

As you can see the left is totally losing it. When their only news source is, or Democratic Underground, no wonder the kooky fringe is moving to the mainstream of the Democratic Party.

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May 27, 2004

Gallery of Insanity

The election is not even here yet, and already the Dems are starting to unravel. Just look at Al Gore. I think he is certifiable. He is totally insane. If you heard his comments, its freaky that we almost had him as President.

There are other insane cooks out there, and for your pleasure I've compiled a list of who I think are the most insane of the bunch.

But just wait, when Bush wins the election, I think there will be mass lefty suicides. They just can't stand that the electorate, except for smelly hairy armpited girls name moonbeam and pony-tailed college professors, have rejected them.

First there is Al Gore, nuff said.
Robert-Byrd.gif Then there is the High Priest of hate, the man who made hooded outfits sheek. Robert "KKK" Byrd.
Then there is Kennedy. This guy has killed more brain cells from drunkeness than Keith Richards. The only reason this guy would go to an AA meeting would be to find pretty young girls to drown in his car.
And of course, you can't have a list of crazy lefties without Howard Dean. This guy is so crazy he has his own song
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Jewish Converts don't do it

Why is it then whenever you hear a story about some weird islamofacist punk giving us trouble in this country it always seems to be some white dude who changed religions to Islam.

Isn't it a little strange that they are all normal kids until they become Muslims? What is the thing that changes them into terrorists?

From Fox news:

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. — Adam Yahiye Gadahn was 17 years old when he walked into the Islamic Society of Orange County  and asked for permission to worship there. The farm kid who grew up in a home with Christian roots declared himself a Muslim, ready to immerse himself in his new religion.

But his devotion eventually spiraled into trouble -- and an arrest.

Gadahn, who was named Wednesday as one of seven suspected Al Qaeda  operatives sought by the FBI, was later expelled from the mosque after attacking an employee. Records show he pleaded guilty to assault and battery charges in June 1997 and was sentenced to two days in jail and 40 hours of community service.

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May 25, 2004

Need your Assistance

Did the networks cover the Bush speech last night?

I get the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania channels, and they covered it as a local event, but I heard that the national networks did not cover it

Is this true?

Please leave a comment and let me know.

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May 24, 2004

Gun control not working

According to John Lott, a well-respected researcher in the effectiveness of Gun laws, and author of More Guns, Less Crime, the gun grabbers have gotten their hats handed to them. Gun control is a losing issue. The fat lady is warming up.

From his Fox News Article

This month, the Million Mom March in Washington drew an anemic showing of only 2,000 people, while this year, all of the Democratic presidential candidates— however unenthusiastically— spoke of Americans’ Second Amendment right to own guns. These are just a few of the signs that the facts finally seem to be catching up to the movement. The future for the movement looks even worse.

Whether the subject is concealed handgun laws  or bans on semi-automatic so-called “assault weapons,” gun control debates have been filled with apocalyptic claims about what will happen if gun control is not adopted. One common prediction is that laws allowing the carrying of a concealed weapon will result in crime waves, or permit holders shooting others. However, with 37 states now having right-to-carry laws, and another nine states letting some citizens carry, permit holders have continually shown themselves to be extremely law-abiding. It is becoming more and more difficult to attack those laws.

Gun control does not work. Proponents of banning guns says that it will reduce crime. In England, where handguns were banned in 1997, crime has rose an average of 29% in the period of 1997-2002.

In Australia where guns were also banned, violent crime rates averaged 32% higher in the six years after the law was passed (from 1997 to 2002) than they did the year before the law in 1996. The same comparisons for armed robbery rates showed increases of 45%.

All gun control laws do is remove guns from the hands of law abiding citizens who merely wish to defend themselves. Criminals will continue to break the law and carry guns.

Gun control supporters say we should rely on the police for protection. For the majority of Americans though who don't live 5 minutes from police, waiting for police to arrive could mean the difference between being killed, injured, or assaulted by people entering their homes, or bothering them on the street.

Many gun grabbers who tend to be liberal call themselves pro-choice. They are for the woman's right to choose, and believe that the government should keep it's hands out of a woman's womb. But when it comes to the choice of carrying a weapon to protect themselves, they are all for taking that right away. And it is a right.

Just read the Second Amendment.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

The "Right of the People". People you and me. Just like the right of the people peaceably to assemble. People, you and me.

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May 20, 2004

High school limits elections

In a move reminiscent of Soviet era thuggery, a high school in Delaware county in Pennsylvania has used its iron fist to control the elections for student government.

A Chichester High School student tried to run for Vice-President of the student government. But half way through the process the school raised the GPA requirements. The new requirements excluded him from running, so he decided to launch a write-in campaign.

From The Delaware County Times:

But, when an eleventh-grader wanted to run for vice president of his senior class, he was told his 2.2 GPA wasn’t sufficient and his name could not be on the ballot. Sometime, somewhere the administration had raised the required GPA to 2.5.

Since the young man could not find that new requirement written anywhere, he scattered posters throughout the school proclaiming his write-in candidacy.

School officials confiscated the posters and suspended the would-be class officer. But it didn’t end there.

Six students who disagreed with the school’s action, six students who supported the candidacy of the suspended student, wore their feelings on their shirts the next day. And that illustration of freedom of expression got those six students the right to join their favored candidate in suspension.

Too bad he wasn't on drugs or something, he school would have given him counseling and tried to understand him. All he tried to do was run for office.

The big thing in schools and communities now is to promote positive activities like sports or groups like student government. The thinking is that if kids have positive things to do which promote values and positive reinforcement, kids will be less likely to be into negative activities.

It's good to see that schools practice what they preach.

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Well, I got a new gun

I was bored the other day so I was cleaning my guns, and I realized that I hardly ever use the Bersa Thunder .380. In fact, I don't even have ammunition for it. I decided to trade it in.

Lately I have been into shotguns. Since I only have three I decided a fourth would be good.

The one I decided on was a Remington Model 1100, 12 GA. Semi-Auto. 2 3/4 inch, modified choke.


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May 19, 2004

Get the Bastard

Speaking of many fun weapons, a good gunmonger uses his guns to ensure maximum deadliness for the lilkes of evildoers who want to rob you.

Rachel Lucas has a great new target to motivate me for shooting

Take a look

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Cigars to our troops

This is from a cigar chat room. It is from a letter to the editor written by a Marine commander about the troops and how they enjoy cigars.

There are many of us in the cigar smoking line of fun who send cigars to the troops. If you smoke cigars and would like to help, send the cigars to the address at the bottom of the email.

US Marines stationed at Fallujah Iraq have set aside time for a regular Cigar Night. Their General Support Company commanding officer, Major Brian Ballard, has begun this time for reflection -- especially upon the week's more harrowing experiences. To his Marines after a week of near misses from enemy fire, he says, "I tell them quite seriously, to take some time, a friend if so inclined, and go enjoy a good cigar and ponder how good life is. Take 45 minutes or so, get some perspective, then pick up your helmet and get back to it." Attached photo is the sign at the entrance of their designated smoking shelter. As a veteran of Southeast Asia and Desert Storm, I know the value of receiving packages and hearing from fellow Americans while on such overseas assignments. Therefore, I encourage readers of Cigar Aficionado to send support -- and maybe a few good cigars -- care of:

Major B. Ballard
BSSG-1, GS Company
UIC 42355
FPO AP 96426-2355

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She's Back

She's back. The one, the only, the imcomporable.
Rachel Lucas.

Rachel Lucas is back. You can begin the rest of your life.

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May 18, 2004

Some where over the rainbow


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May 17, 2004

It's a Brand New Day

Cathrex.jpg Well, I wanted to share something with you. It's a little personal, and I hope it isn't too much for me to share. I am on a medicine by the makers of Valtrex (the herpes medicine). It's called Cathrex.

Just like Valtrex promises a life with fewer outbreaks of genital herpes, Cathrex promises that you can live to be Catholic Free.

Being born with Catholocism, I thought I was destined to have it with me my entire life. The guilt, the sence of having to fulfill sacraments, and the need to fulfill indulgences.

But now, thanks to Cathrex, I am living free of the guilt and free of sacraments. I have been free of outbreaks of Catholicism for 7 years. In fact, I've only had 1 outbreak in those seven years. I still have a little Catholic in me, but now I live my days the way I want to.

Thank you Cathrex. It's a brand new day.

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May 13, 2004

Maybe it's just me

But whenever I have to be somewhere and there is a car in front of me driving rediculously slow, 9 times out of 10, the car in question is a Chevy or some other sort of American car.

Not to demean American cars, but rather many people who drive beat up old K cars. How often have you been stuck behind someone driving a Volkswagen, Audi, or Subaru?

Just a thought.

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May 12, 2004

Winston Churchill had it Right

In a piece of inspired Bush hate, pundit John Baer said that because of the atrocity against humanity and the beheading of Nick Berg we should pull out of Iraq. churchv.jpg

And even if (and what are the chances?) this is the worst of pledged al Qaeda retaliation for U.S. abuse of Iraqi prisoners, then hopefully it's enough to start a chain of events to get us the hell out of that country sooner rather than later and stop this insane waste of young American lives.

What? I think this should shore up support for the Iraq war. The way these things (I call them things becasue even animals don't act like this) treated Nick Berg shows of their blatent disregard for human life. Not only that, but it shows of their blind hatred for America, and the way of life that America represents.

Baer continues his mindless punditry:

A young American, a son of Pennsylvania, beheaded for the world to see. Why? For what I believe is condoned, if not outright ordered, humiliation of prisoners, and for photos and videos taken for (what else makes sense?) intimidation of other prisoners. And all this in the same place, Abu Ghraib, where Saddam tortured and murdered Iraqis, one of the supposed reasons, I'd remind you, we invaded his sorry country.

I find it amazing how this guy can basically excuse the behading of a 26-year old man who is trying to make Iraq a better place because of some relatively harmless photos of scumbag terrorists undoubtably with American blood on their hands.

If history is any judge of how things pan out, we must not pull out of Iraq. Doing so will only enable those who wish to destroy our way of life. Look at World War II. Chamberlain in England tried to appease Hitler, giving a little, giving a little more, until it was past the point of no return. He ignored the gathering storm. He said:

We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analysing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will.

That didn't work did it?

We must face this head on, it will not be easy, but it will make us safer in the long run.

Winston Churchill said it best:

"One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half."


Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

The gathering storm is upon us. Hurricane warnings have been posted. The question is should be abandon our posts and hope the hurricane misses us, or through the grace of God we are spared? Or do we stand our ground, protect our homes, and face this danger head on.

The decisions we make right now will determine if our children and children's children will face a world free of threat of Islamofacist terror, or if we are forever giving more and more to those who want us dead, and never being secure in home, country, and livlihood.

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Thank you John Kerry

I am so pissed right now. If you don't get pissed when you hear the audio, or see the video of Nick Berg being decapitated alive, then you are a heartless asshole. And I am further convinced that if you vote for John Kerry after this, you are worse than an asshole.

Your vote for John Kerry is a vote for a smug prick who used the prison mistreatment pictures as a way to raise money and further his campaign.

His supposed outrage, along with those of the likes of Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, helped fuel the acts of barbarism against Nick Berg. When John Kerry's attack dog, Ted Kennedy uses words almost immediately spoken by those islamofacists, you know that the left is spineless, heartless, and totally devoid of any moral clarity.

Thank John Kerry for pictures like these. To really grasp the situation, you have to see the video. I've seen it. It is the most disturbing piece of video i've ever seen. I am sick to my stomach, with digust and outrage. If you want to see it, visit here, and follow the links to various mirrors

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May 11, 2004

Difference between atrocities and mistreatment


A video posted Tuesday on an Islamic militant Web site showed the beheading of an American civilian in Iraq, and said the execution was carried out by an Al Qaeda affiliated group to avenge the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers.

The video showed five men wearing headscarves and black ski masks, standing over a bound man in an orange jumpsuit — similar to a prisoner's uniform — who identified himself as Nick Berg (search), a U.S. contractor whose body was found on a highway overpass in Baghdad on Saturday.

"My name is Nick Berg, my father's name is Michael, my mother's name is Susan," the man said on the video. "I have a brother and sister, David and Sarah. I live in ... Philadelphia."

After reading a statement, the men were seen pulling the man to his side and putting a large knife to his neck. A scream sounded as the men cut his head off, shouting "Allahu Akbar!" — "God is great." They then held the head out before the camera.

Well, in case you want to see the movie, you can get it directly from The terrorist's web-site

Where is the outrage at this. American haters like Ted Kennedy bitch and moan about the so called "abuses" of the terrorists in Iraq, but where is the outrage at events like the beheading of this civilian? The murders of pregnant Israeli women?

Not only that, but where is the rush to constantly show the images? Why it is when American troops are involved in a non-issue the press makes it 24-7 coverage and when terrorists behead a civilian, it's relatively ignored.

When small numbers of our troops make the terrorists pose in women's underwear, people like Katie Couric call those actions atrocity. If that is an atrocity, what is this? Where is their righteous indignation at events like this?

There will be no calls for retribution (resignation of Rumsfeld). All these people are doing is siezing upon is an opportunity to act on their hatred of America and the American military.

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May 10, 2004

Polls are like assholes

NEW YORK (Reuters) - April's surprisingly strong growth in U.S. jobs has boosted expectations of a rise in interest rates next month, sending stocks and bonds tumbling and the dollar climbing.

The thing to notice here is 'strong growth in U.S. jobs'. In April there were about 228,000 new jobs added. Yet despite of this, about 54% of Americans think that the economy is getting worse.

But despite of this, and the prison abuse non-issue, Bush is still slightly ahead of Kerry, or more likely, Kerry hasn't gained on any Bush lead.

WASHINGTON - Public opinion of President Bush’s handling of hot-button issues such as the economy and the war on terrorism is near the low point of his presidency, but Democratic rival John Kerry has been unable to capitalize on the Republican’s slide, an Associated Press poll found.

But it's still to early to tell for sure.

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May 08, 2004

A joke for you

Three Blonds are running from the law. They are being pursued by police and run into a barn where the only places to hide are in some burlap sacks. When the police come in they only see three burlap sacks so the cop kicks the first one.

"Meow Meow" says the first girl

"Aww just a cat" says the cop. He then goes and kicks the second bag.

"Woof Woof" says the second girl.

"It's just a dog" the cop says. Then goes to the third bag, and kicks it. Nothing. He kicks it again.

"Potatoes" Says the third girl.

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Fire Department to the Rescue

So my near Nittany was up a tree. I didn't know what to do. What is any self-respecting cat owner to do? I called the local volunteer fire company. They came out with their truck, and since it was too woody for the boom, they raised their 60 foot extension ladder. I volunteered to climb up, and bring her down.

Poor girl was exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and glad to be home. She was also very horse from crying for two days.

With that episode behind me, I can now go out Turkey hunting today in peace, knowing Nittany is safe in bed with my wife, the Dog Oreo, and Boots.

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May 07, 2004

Nittany needs help

Poor Nittany. She got out when one of our piece of shit screens in our window popped out. Now is is in the middle of the woods, 30 feet up in a tree. She is too far in for a bucket truck or a ladder truck to reach. My ladder is only 25 feet, and I am still too low to get her, plus it's wobbly, and I almost fell. She is continually crying and mewing.

I feel so bad.

I've read numerous things about cats getting stuck in a tree. The concensus is mixed, but on the whole they seem to say when they get hungry enough, they will come down. They are capable of coming down, it's just that they are frightened.

Please say a prayer, or do whatever you do, for Nittany that she can come down safely.

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May 03, 2004

Hello from Iraq

I had some folks in Iraq pose with a picture. They promote my web-site with reckless abandon.

Actually it was taken from this Web-Site

Many thanks to Annika for this.

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