November 18, 2004

Mammy's little baby loves shortnin shortnin

In another disgusting show of Liberalism and how liberals are racist, take a look at this totally disgusting cartoon.

From Slate's Matt Davies

I like it how liberals talk about doing everything to get African-Americans out of poverty and ahead in life. But that is all it is. Just talk. It is the modern Democratic party that is the racist group which is holding many African-Americans down.

They throw entitlements at them, and talk about working for equality, but when an African-American gets ahead (especially if they are conservative and didn't rely on their lies and handouts) they are referred to as parrots, mammys, wearing black faces, and being Neanderthals. That Neanderthal comment came from the senior senator from Massasschuttes. I guess we know HE isn't a Neanderthal. Afterall, Neanderthals couldn't swim.

Moxie even explains in an interview with a liberal

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