April 30, 2008

Burning Ban

I live in the country. Part of living in the country is burning your trash, rubbish, dead trees, etc. I know when to burn, when not to burn. If it is dry and there is a wind, I don't burn. If it is green and lush with low winds, I'll burn. Always with a bucket of water near by and never unattended.

Sometimes though our local government passes a burn ban. Often times they wait till it's too late, a day or so before a soaking rain, so by the time a burn ban takes effect it's already green and lush.

That is why I basically ignore what my local government says about burn bans, and I burn if I need to with or without their permission.

Another interesting consequence of overbearing government intrusions is confiscatory taxation. Otherwise known as the "sin" tax this is a way that governments can try to tax us out of doing things we want to do.

Dr. Walter E. Williams asks the question: is cigarette smuggling a bad thing?

Some smugglers are good people who differ little from the founders of our nation such as John Hancock, whose flamboyant signature graces our Declaration of Independence. The British had levied confiscatory taxes on molasses, and John Hancock smuggled an estimated 1.5 million gallons a year. His smuggling practices financed much of the resistance to British authority

I find it ironic that most Americans honor men like Hancock, Adams, Jefferson, and Franklin. If these people tried to run for office now, with drastically extreme views of liberty and freedom they'd never win. Plus we would send swat teams to their homes because they were deemed dangerous or whatever.

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April 28, 2008

Rev. Wright is Wrong

Today Rev. Wright talked to a group at the National Press Club. He is an eloquent speaker, but comes across arrogant, angry, and racist. He does not do Senator Obama any good with his remarks. He would answer many questions and then prance around as if he was mocking everyone. Is that any way for a man of God to act?

And if this was Senator Obama's pastor for 20 years it does not do him any good to be tied to this man.

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April 24, 2008

Walmart Steakhouse Meats

I love Walmart, well, I would say that I like that Walmart eliminates my need to go to 5 different stores for what I want. I hate it though when Walmart pushes decisions down your throat.

Case in point is their new Steakhouse Meats promotion.

A few months back I bought some steaks to cook on the grill. They were from Walmart and came in an unusual package; foam with a big bubble of plastic over it. The steaks looked deep red and juicy.

After taking them home, I rubbed them with my traditional steak rub, and proceeded to cook them medium rare. They cooked weird, almost like cooking ham, and the flavor was awful. So bad in fact that even our dog wouldn't eat them. They were overly salty.

It was then I read the label. "Processed with up to a 10% added solution" WTF? I want meat, not ham.

Walmart uses what is called case ready meats; meats processed at a central facility that cut, process (usually by injecting with solution and some gasses that make it stay red) and ship out steaks. It eliminates the need for in-store butchers.

Walmart recently switched from their old supplier of case ready meats to another. These look more traditional, in shrink wrap instead of the foam containers. They look like something wrapped in-house.

But close inspection yields the telltale signs of case-ready meat. Artificially deep red color, shiny with a look of gelatinousness to it.

Reading the label tells the truth "Processed with up to a 10% solution"

I will not try them. I've never had case ready meats that I've cared for. They are awful. I have no reason to believe that this new "Steakhouse" meat would be any different. Even with a money back guarantee. I'll just go to my local butcher shop instead.

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April 14, 2008

Free the Jefferson 1

The Jefferson 1 story is blowing up all over the place.


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Dance Party

I find this frightening. A group of libertarians go to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial to celebrate his party. They don headphones and dance. They dance to celebrate liberty, and the forefather who was the strongest supporter of liberty and limited government.

Then the government comes and breaks it up, and arrests one of them

I see all these shows like Cops and Dumbest criminals and sometimes I like to see the cops lose. Call me weird.

I saw one last night where a police officer pulled over a truck because the passenger didnít have a seat belt on. He went up to the car and asked for the driverís license. The driver asked why and the cop responded ďbecause I said soĒ, the driver then refused to comply until he was told why he was detained, the cop then dragged the driver out of the car and started to push the guy around, trying to handcuff him.

The passenger came out and then all Hell broke lose. I canít help but think that maybe the whole thing would have been averted if the cop told the guy why he was detained.

But in this country we blindly follow authority, allowing seat belt stops or sobriety checkpoints.

It frightens me how much we Cow Tow to authority anymore, and allow those in authority to commit acts of destroying our liberties.

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April 11, 2008


I've been enjoying using a website offerd by Yahoo called Yahoo Answers. Most any answer can be found there; answers on parenting, dating, car care, and more, questions by you, answers by you.

It 's pretty neat. Give it a look


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