November 26, 2007

Patriot Act

I hate the Patriots. Last night my Eagles held on for a while, but eventually lost to a superior team. Let me get that straight: The Patriots are superior to my non playoff bound Eagles.

What gets me is their unsportsmanlike conduct and the arrogance of the whole team. Last night after a score some of the players taunted the grossly outmatched Eagles by doing the Eagles bird flap. Ok, that's good if you are a 1-11 team beating up on a Superbowl champion, but a 11-0 team doing it to a sub .500 team is tasteless. It reflects on the whole organization, most particularly the coach.

You can read a good article about how I feel here.

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November 05, 2007

Not Voting Anymore

I am sick and tired of telephone politcal calls. I get about 8 a day. They come at all times, and are annoying. I hate them so much that I am just not going to vote.

I have a week old baby at home, and not that it wakes him up or anything, but I am tired, my wife is tired, we have a lot of stuff to iron out, and on top of trying to juggle feeding and diapering a baby, cleaning poo poo out of clothes and keeping our house clean I have to be disturbed, in my home. This is my home. I don't want anyone calling me I don't know or have to do business with. That includes politicans.

The fact that they exempted themselves from the do not call lists just proves how diabolical they truly are.

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