September 24, 2007

Why I don't Buy American Cars

The recent call by United Auto Workers for a strike against GM is why I don't buy American Cars. GM has been plagued by low quality and sales for years. They just have gotten out of the red and have shown a profit for the first time in years, and now the UAW thugs want to strike again.

I wish the UAW was as concerned with making quality product as they are calling for strikes.

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September 14, 2007

Pinhead Democrats

I hate Republicans, I fucking hate Democrats. That pretty much sums up how I feel about politics now.

The other day, the Prell Girl (John Edwards) said that he thinks everyone should give up their SUVs. Whatever. First of all, he lives in the south. It is nice and warm all the time there. In the Northeast where I live, we can get some pretty nasty snows. We need SUVs or something like that to get around.

Secondly, I just got a baby seat for our upcoming offspring, and the oversize base and seat barely fit into our small cars. My Subaru and my wife's Honda both barely fit these over designed contaptions in them.

Don't get me wrong, I like a good safe car seat. But the government mandates super high engineering standards on them. If you have more than one child, you HAVE TO have a large vehicle. The contraptions that are government mandated don't fit into smaller cars. The same small cars that environMENTAL nuts like the Prell Girl want you to drive.

So people drive big cars to fit all the oversized baby stuff that is big because of government regulations. Even if your kids are 10 years apart, the government still wants you to have your 4th grader in his/her own booser seat, which takes up space. You have a 10, 7 and 2 year old, there is no way, no possible way that you can fit them and all that stuff into an econobox.

It proves my theory that every single government regulation has an opposite and even stronger reaction. You want us to have these burdensome baby things, then don't bitch when people start driving gas guzzlers.

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September 06, 2007

Keith Olberman

I have my problems with George Bush, but I still respect him as President. He IS still the Commander In Chief, and deserves that much respect.

But Keith Olberman, with his air of smugness, his pseudo-intellectual glasses gives us this tidbit of liberal rage.

I can't stand that sort of vile hatred. Not only do the majority of his opinions repulse me, but the manner of his delivery. He thinks he's better than you, and you should adopt his opinions.

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