November 28, 2005

Are you Sirius?

So I had an eventful day. My mom got me an Amazon gift certificate for my Birthday. Trouble was she sent it to the wrong e-mail. I couldn't retrieve it. No prob. Just go to the account the help desk says, and reenter your credit card info, and it'll be sent again. There was no Discover radio button, so she couldn't enter her credit card info.

I was mad, because I really wanted to use it to get Sirius radio. Then my dad comes in, after having forgotten my birthday yesterday, with a card, and $50. With the Grant burning a hole in my pocket I decided to go to the store, Radio Shaq, I figured I could get an idea for what I wanted to get as far as my radio. Low and behold they had the very radio I wanted, for less than Amazon, plus $50 in rebates from Sirius, and $50 in instant savings from Radio Shack. Whoo Hoo!! It only ended up costing me $79 out of pocket, but I'll get $50 back in several dozen weeks.

So I set the thing up, which took mere minutes. I then went to activate the thing. Word to the wise, don't do this by phone. Odds are you will get some guy who cannot understand english. He messed up my name, email, userid, and password setup. After 5 attempts at trying to upload the important data to the radio, I finally got someone who understands American grammar, and got the problem resolved.

I will post later with a detailed review of my Sirius service.

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