November 18, 2005

Arabica Cadabrica

So I've been thinking about coffee alot lately. My friend wants me to try Gevalia coffee, mainly because he gets a free gift. Since I just purchased a gallon of coffee from DoubleShot Coffee I'll have to wait.

Now I don't know what they did to this coffee, but all I want to do all day now is drink it. It is so freakin good. And it made me realize that I hate Starbucks coffee. I used to drink it a lot, mainly because my alternative is burnt coffee from an exxon, or Micky Dee's, which tastes like the stuff they use to clean the grills.

Starbucks roasts their coffee way too dark. Now I don't like super light roasts, but I think different beans lend themselves to different roasts. Everything Starbucks roasts is dark city beyond crispy. And when you buy it at the store it tastes like they used three times as many beans as they should. Plus it turns my stomach. Too acidic and filled with tannins.

I don't believe I used to like this stuff. But I used to like Coors beer and Phillies blunts, I've since moved up to microbrews and Montecristos.

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