November 16, 2004

I want lovin from my dum dum dummy (otherwise known as

Well, over at Democrats dot Com they are on Stolen Election 2004 watch, with this overly hopeful post about getting votes so Kerry can still win the election.

If you assume, for the sake of argument, that Kerry receives 80 percent of the 130,000 provisional ballots most observers expect will be validated... Kerry would receive 104,000 votes and President Bush would get 26,000.  That's a net gain for John Kerry of 78,000.  At that point, the margin between President Bush and Senator Kerry would drop to 58,000 votes. 

Now, let's assume a preference can be determined on all 93,000 spoiled ballots.  And let's also assume John Kerry receives 80% and President Bush receives 20%.  John Kerry would receive 74,400 votes and President Bush would receive 18,600 votes.  That's another net gain for John Kerry of 55,800.  However, that still  leaves John Kerry 3,000 votes short.

They just can't take it can they. They lost. They suck and Republicans are sexier, smarter, and gosh darnit; people like us more.

Posted by psugrad98 at November 16, 2004 11:38 AM

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