October 13, 2004

Anti gun wussies

Here are a few stories that may interest the more level headed among and make us just shake our heads in total confusion.

Both contain anti-gun craziness, and both are just stupid.

First there is this story about a civil war buff and his FAKE gun

Joshua Phelps had been at a reenactment with his Civil War costume, including a musket last week. He threw the uniform and equipment into his truck and forgot about it. Tuesday a security guard at the Pine Bush High School saw it and called police.

Phelps was sitting in study hall when the security guard told him to go to the assistant principal. When he was told they saw the rifle he wasn't concerned, thinking they would understand it was part of his costume.

This second one is a story about an avid trap shooter and a picture of his gun

LONDONDERRY, N.H. (AP) - The school board has voted to ban a photo of a student from the senior section of his high school yearbook because he is posed with a shotgun.

But Tuesday's unanimous vote also backed a compromise: Blake Douglass can have the photo published in a ``community sports'' section, and a new photo - without the gun but featuring other elements of skeet and trap shooting - can appear in the seniors' section of the Londonderry High School yearbook.

All I can ask is this. Were the decisions to detain and arrest the first student, and not allow a picture of the second student made by the model UN at the school? These are crazy.

Posted by psugrad98 at October 13, 2004 01:54 PM

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