July 21, 2004

It's not easy being evil.. eh?

From News reports:

SEATTLE — Evil — a word usually reserved for the likes of Adolph Hitler or Usama bin Laden — is now being used by more than a third of Canadian teens to describe the United States.

In a recent poll, 40 percent of Canadian teens said the United States is a force for evil in the world, with 50 percent saying it’s a force for good and 10 percent reporting they were undecided on the subject. French-Canadians were even harsher, with 64 percent of them calling America a force for evil.

Of coure the French Canadians hate us. Well I hate French Canadians. What have they contributed to society? Now I think they are just mad that they haven't won the Stanley Cup in like 15 years. hehe.

Now I didn't go around calling them evil when the Toronto Blue whatsits won the World Series a few years back. And then they beat my team.

But, to call us evil? That's a strong word. Espcially if you count how many movie stars are Canadian. If it werent' for us people like Adam Sandler would be doing public access somewhere in Quebec.

Dr. Evil, darkhorse Presidental candidate.

Posted by psugrad98 at July 21, 2004 05:29 PM

Aha! So we can blame you for Sandler still being around?!

Posted by: Light & Dark at July 22, 2004 03:31 AM

Well, not me personally. But if it wren't for us Americnans, Happy Gilmore would just be a bit he did while working at the Niagra falls gift shoppe.

Posted by: Tom at July 22, 2004 08:16 AM

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